I'm taking the test this Sunday!!!! I'm sooooo nervous! This calmed me down a bit. :))

I’ll Reach Stars and Swim Oceans


I would like to thank VideoScribe for helping me make this video. This won’t be possible without it. I would also like to thank Ahead because even if I don’t win this, my creativity was at least enhanced and also, I’ve thought more of the preparations that I would do.

18 THINGS I’LL DO TO PASS UPCAT (and then get into UP!)

1. Read the dictionary
2. Befriend the batch’s top 1
3. Go to a credible review center
4. But also review on my own
5. Ask my parents for guidance
6. Make a time machine to turn back time and improve my grades
7. Read lots and lots of books
8. Party before the big day
9. Always wait for 11:11 so I can make a wish
10. And also look for wishing wells
11. Choose at least 1 non-quota course
12. Have an inspiration
13. Submit forms as early as I can
14. Bring 10 sharpened pencils
15. Bring lots of snacks to keep me going
16. Have at least 8 hours of sleep
17. Be two hours early for the exam
18. Lastly, pray because only God knows what my future would be

Of course, some are purely impossible, but if I could, I would really do it. 😉 Hehe I hope you enjoyed watching my video!! Thanks for the opportunity! 😀


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Erica JenieceErica Jeniece Zafra


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