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Positivity is Contagious

Positivity is Contagious


1. Search for the BEST Review Center.
2. Ask someone for advice.
3. Read articles regarding how to pass UPCAT, ACET and DLSUCET.
4. Concentrate and do it as if you’re doing it for God.
5. Write a novel for these schools.
6. Study hard while you’re in high school for you to be qualified with their required UPG.
7. Stay positive and always claim a spot.
8. Make a list of plan A-Z or choices.
9. Believe in yourself and have faith to your abilities.
10. Be addicted and don’t give up easily.
11. Daydream a lot about your dream school.
12. Follow your school’s page on Facebook to be updated.
13. Know the hidden stories about your chosen school.
14. Don’t just rely in review centers, rely also with your stock knowledge.
15. Admit that it’s really hard to pass these examinations, just to be ready.
16. Mind your future and offer your best for the preparations.
17. Don’t stress yourself too much, give yourself a break.
18. Most importantly, Have faith in GOD. If it’s destined it will happen.


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