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Para sa U.P!

Para sa U.P!


1. Study smart
2. Review math concepts.
3. Increase your vocabulary.
4. Read good books.
5. Learn more about grammar and composition.
6. Read about science and technology.
7. Attend the “37 Proven Tips to Pass UPCAT the Sure Way Workshop”
8. Read some UPCAT tips.
9. Exercise your mind and body.
10. Read some stories about UPCAT takers experiences.
11. Make a group review/discussion.
12. Attend in a review center.
13. To become a part of U.P Pep Squad.
14. Think POSITIVE
15. VISUALIZE that you passed the UPCAT.
16. Be CONFIDENT to pass the UPCAT.
17. Do your BEST and GOD will do the REST.


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