Thank you po. Dream school eh, though I might want to go to UPD someday. ^^ Of course! Malaking tulong po sa 'kin ang academic clinic! In fact, my lowerclassmen ask me for advice and UPCAT updates, and I know all those thanks to AC. ^^ Yes, I see those. I read them often and share them with my batchmates. ^^

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Attitude not just Aptitude
“UP made you in such a way that when the world is sitting, you would be standing. And when the world is standing, you would stand out. When the world stands out, you would be outstanding. And when the world tries to be outstanding, you would be the standard.”
~Thanks for watching! By the way, this is my entry to Ahead’s “18 Things I’ll Do To Get Into UP/Ateneo/De La Salle” Contest. Since Grade 6, I have been visualizing myself as one of those “Iskolar ng Bayan Para sa Bayan.” And so, I made UP an inspiration and now here’s my entry for the contest. Enjoy!NOTE: Written below is my list of the 18 Things I’ll Do To Get Into UP. In case, you were not able to read what were written in the video, here’s a guide for you. 🙂

1. Look for and enrol in an ideal review center.
2. Familiarize myself about the coverage of test questions in UPCAT.
3. Make a list of test-taking strategies that would definitely help me pass the UPCAT.
4. Focus and prioritize. Every day, I’ll find time to review, and scan my notes during my first three years in high school.
5. Finish reading at least 5 novels, while at the same time making a compilation of vocabulary words with the best definition for each.
6. Master the basic principles in areas of Math, Science, English and Filipino. Have myself involved in reading general information.
7. Practice speaking English all the time. Even at home, if possible.
8. Organize an essay-writing session in our class every Saturday, beginning from the month of June until the week before UPCAT.
9. Accomplish the necessary requirements for application of admission in UP.
10. Have some break. Schedule a time for recreation. And have fun. Relax!
11. Keep in touch with updates in UP’s blog regarding the conduct of their entrance exam.
12. Come up with a 105-paged book written back-to-back with UP’s motto: Honor and Excellence, and have it signed by Dr. Alfredo E. Pascual, University President.
13. Attend career orientation seminars and hopefully be able to choose the profession that fits me.
14. Save money for future use. I never know how big my financial needs are for college.
15. Urge male UPCAT takers in our city to participate in our own version of the Oblation Run.
16. Pass UPCAT!
17. Abide by God’s commands. It’s the right thing to do, and He had already promised success in the end.
18. Be optimistic but realistic, that is, get these 18 things started and be done!


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