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UPCAT Essay Writing to Be Part of UPCAT 2013

Everyone, there’s urgent UPCAT news!  We have called the UP Office of Admissions and it has been confirmed: there’s going to be an essay writing portion in this year’s UP College Admission Test (UPCAT 2013).  I asked and I was told the UPCAT essay question is likely to be in English – but that’s not something the UP Office of Admissions can be certain about.  The essay question may be in Filipino – who really knows (at least before the UPCAT)?

It doesn’t really matter much at this late stage what language the essay for the UPCAT is going to be.  What matters is, at this point, you must start practicing and honing your essay writing skills to prepare for what would probably turn out to be one of the most grueling portions of  the UPCAT – grueling not because you’ll find it hard to compose an UPCAT essay (you probably have the essay-writing basics down pat) but because you weren’t expecting an essay question in the UPCAT and thus wouldn’t have been able to prepare for it.

Was the Brain Train’s UPCAT Essay Writing Contest through Academic-Clinic this year a portent of things to come?  Perhaps. Anyway, those who submitted entries in the said contest should be feeling quite glad right now.  At least you got to sharpen your essay writing skills a bit, right?

If you’re feeling stumped, take a leaf out of the “ACET exam takers’ book” and read the following ACET Essay writing resources here at Academic-Clinic.

Everyone, good luck!  Academic-Clinic wishes you the best.  May you all trump the UPCAT!


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11 thoughts on “UPCAT Essay Writing to Be Part of UPCAT 2013

  1. It’s probably not a bad start Of csoure, the tricky bit really comes in knowing which structures you can use with which verbs and which you can’t (so just from your examples, you can’t use describe + that). Also which structure to choose depending on your following clause to avoid getting into an awkward tangle.Then there are other reporting structures that you might need depending on what you want to say (verb + wh-, describe how, etc.) or depending on your choice of verb (e.g. argue for, warn against, focus on + -ing).And then there are other tenses used in reporting too I guess like any aspect of language, it’s a process of gradual layering grasp the basics, then slowly add.

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  3. hi, balak ko pong magrantransfer pg second year college na po freshmen po ko ngayon sa sti college at kukunin ko po comtech ng two years kapg po b tinuloy ko po un sa up BSIT po b maipplit ko po dun ? anu po bang average ang kanilang kinukuha pag nagtratransferr po>? my exm po b like upcat or my mga essay writing po ba ? blak ko po kasi mg’inquire pra sa second yr college ko po sa up. gusto ko din nmn pong mg stop pra makakuha ng exam sa u.p kaso natatakot ako bka d ako mkapsa at mg-aapply ako sa ibng school kaso irregular student .

  4. hi! nakapasa po ako sa upcat sa course na computer science sa diliman.1st choice ko po ang accountancy.kung mgkaroon po ba ng available slot sa accountancy pwede po akong mgtransfer?sabi po kc kung DWAS ang case ng iba,may chance sila na mapunta pa din sa 1st choice o 2nd choice nila.2nd choice ko po kasi ang computer science.thank you po.

  5. This is excellent news…I will take the UPCAT 2013 and this is something that will greatly help me to prepare.Thank God that I discovered this amazing site at FB via a fellow pisaynon because I think that the time I spend on browsing will also influence the outcome of my performance during the UPCAT 2013.

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  7. im a examinee this upcat exam this saturday morning im glad that this page helps me a lot particularly the ideas what going to be review thank you so much for your help! 🙂

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