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Philippine College Scholarships: Panasonic Graduate Scholarship Program

Panasonic Group is a popular electrical and electronic manufacturer in the world. They established the scholarship in 1998 to provide scholarship opportunities to Asian students to pursue a Master Course in Japan.

Courses Covered:  Panasonic scholarship program is offered to students who major in any of the science, technology and engineering fields

* Science Courses

* Technology Courses

* Engineering Courses

Countries Covered: Applicants should be citizens of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and India.

Number Of Scholarship Slots:  26

Scholarship Benefits

Scholars will be provided..

* A one-way economy-class air ticket

* 3 years scholarship in Japan

* Application fee and Entrance fee of Y100, 000

A. As a research student of Graduate School, Scholars will receive…

* Basic scholarship of Y150, 000 per month

* Tuition Assistance of Y200, 000 each half year

B. As a Master Course student, Scholars will receive…

* Basic scholarship of Y180, 000 per month

* Maximum of Y250, 000 for Entrance fee exam

* Tuition Assistance of Y250, 000 each half year

Reminder:  Panasonic Scholarship WILL NOT bear the expenses related to the acquisition of passport, visa, admission approval, reservation of accommodation, alien registration and the subscription of medical Insurance.


* A citizen of countries included in the list

* completed 16 years of school education

* Willing to master and understand the Japanese language and culture

* Medically fit

* have a Student Visa

Note that applicants who are recipients of other scholarships or who are already enrolled at Graduate School in Japan are NOT QUALIFIED for the Panasonic scholarship.

Requirements:  Potential grantees must submit the following documents…

* Application form

* Recent Medical Report

* 3 copies of recent photographs taken in last 6 months

SIZE: 4×3 cm – upper part of the body from the front With head uncovered

* Original university transcript

* Learning History/ Master Plan of Japanese

* Letter of Recommendation from the Academic adviser of the university the applicant graduated from

Application form can be downloaded at .

Obligations of the Scholar

* required to follow Panasonic Scholarship’s rules and instructions given by the Panasonic Office

* Scholars should finish application enrollment as a Research Student within 2012

* obtain an informal consent from the adviser

* required to reach N4 or above in Japanese Language Proficiency Exam

* should enroll in Graduate school as a research student in April 2013 then enroll in a Master Course in 2014 and complete master degree in 2016

* submit necessary documents such as Monthly Report, Japanese Language Progress Report, Notice of informal consent and Notice of Admission WITHOUT DELAY

Panasonic has the right to suspend or terminate a scholar if the scholar makes a violation. They have also the right to claim a partial or full refund of entrance and tuition fee assistance if a serious violation is done by the scholars. They will not return the documents submitted under any circumstances.

Scholarship Application:  Applicants may send their application to Panasonic Scholarship Offices. Complete the necessary requirements, pass the exams and do the required tasks. The deadline for submission of application together with the required documents is on April 27, 2012.  If some points are not clear, you may visit, contact or send an inquiry. Do contact..

Ms. Jennie Garcia

Panasonic Manufacturing Phil. Corp.

Panasonic Scholarship Office-Phil.

HR Department

Ortigas Avenue, Rizal

(02)635-2260 locals 2810-2815



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