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Strategies for Word Analogy

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil

1.  Form a sentence that clearly expresses a relationship or connection between the first pair of words. A list of possible types of relationships can be used to determine the connection.

Example:  Acrobat: Cartwheel: ___________: ___________

a.  Singer: sing

b.  Artwork: painter

c.  Tenor: aria

d.  Clown: circus

Relationship:     worker: action

Sentence:  An acrobat performs a cartwheel.

2.  Test this relationship for the same pairs of choices in number one.

a.  A singer performs a song; not sing.

b.  Cannot form the same relationship

c.  A tenor performs an aria.

d.  Cannot form the same relationship

 3.  Try to narrow down or particularize the relationship.

Express in a sentence showing a clear and specific relationship between the pairs of words.

Sentence:   A tenor sings an aria.

 4.  Watch out for tricky questions. The choices will purposely include confusing answers.


a.  Check the parts of speech.

Acrobat: cartwheel is noun: noun.

Therefore, the answer cannot (a) since singer: sing is noun: verb.

b.  Look at the order

Acrobat: cartwheel is person: action

Therefore, the answer cannot be (b) since it is action: person.

5.  Do a final process of elimination by looking at all the choices, eliminating the non-choice which maybe pairs of words that do not form a clear and definite relationship.


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