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Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Application and Entrance Exam Basics

By:  Janina Denise Torralba







Zero tuition fees for local residents, subsidies and funds by the city government, and an official name in the Filipino language—to be known for even one of these traits makes any university unique. But to be known for all three as well as to be a pioneer in several fields is sure to make any university a household name.

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila is defined by all three traits and more. It may well be considered a sleeping dragon among Philippine universities—not always quite stealing the spotlight, but boasting impressive achievements, alumni, and educational opportunities.

PLM Introduction

PLM first stood within the historic district of Intramuros, on a site once occupied by Universidad Maximum de San Ignacio (the first royal and pontifical university in the Philippines and in Asia). This location has also been occupied by the Iglesia Santa Ana (the first stone church in the country), the 31st Infantry of the United States of America (during World War II), and Manila High School, among others.

The conception of the university began with Ordinance No. 4202 on January 13, 1960, as approved by Mayor Arseno H. Lacson. On June 19, 1965, the university was formally established when the ordinance was passed signed into law under Republic Act No. 4196. Since the establishment of the College of Liberal Arts in 1967, PLM’s scope has expanded to include colleges specializing in arts and sciences, engineering, architecture, criminology, nursing, and government.

According to studies made by Academic Clinic (under http://academic-clinic.com/category/top-schools), PLM shows excellence in Physical Therapy, Architecture, Medicine, and Engineering (ECE, Chemical, and Civil). These studies were based on board exam passing rates and rankings given by the PRC, as well as statistics and data provided by CHED.

PLM Admission Qualifications and Requirements

 To be eligible to take the PLM Admission Test, a student must fall under any of the following criteria:

1. Manila residents who are graduates of public high schools of the Division of City Schools-
Manila (DCS-Manila);

2. Manila residents who are graduates of private high schools in Manila;

3. Manila residents who are graduates of public and private high schools outside Manila;

4. Prospective Valedictorians and Salutatorians from all over the country’s private and public        high schools may take the examinations (to be scheduled/announced later) upon presentation            of proofs, like documents certifying honors received by their duly constituted school authorities;

5. Students who have taken the PEPT, Non-Formal Education Test and the Alternative Learning

Manila residents who are honor graduates of public high schools under the DCS-Manila, valedictorians or salutatorians from any DepEd-accredited high school, and children or direct descendants of PLM employees will be given admission privileges.

Prior to taking the PLMAT, the following documents and their photocopies must be submitted:

1. Fourth-year high school report card with a general weighted average (GWA) of at least 85%      or better for the 2nd grading period;

2. Parent’s latest Voter’s Registration with voting record, and/or SK Voter’s ID of the applicant*;

3. Parent’s Income Tax Return/Real Property Tax receipt (previous year)*;

4. Barangay certification of residency, or the parent’s company ID*; and

5. Verifiable identification to certify ownership of the above documents (e.g. high school ID).

(*As proof of Manila residency.)

PLM Application Requirements and Procedures

After becoming eligible for the PLMAT, the applicant must submit the following to the Dean of Admissions:

1. Correctly and completely accomplished PLMAT Form No. 1 (security coded application
form, available only at PLM campus);

2. Two copies of 1.5”x1.5” picture taken within the last six months; and

3. Official receipt bearing the application fee of PhP500.00 (for application form).

PLM Application and Entrance Exam Schedules

The PLMAT primer for the following academic year becomes available on the official PLM website circa September or October. General Information on Freshman Admission becomes available at the university campus and all DepEd-accredited public high schools in the City of Manila.

Regular applicants (Manila residents) may apply for the PLMAT starting approximately on the second Monday of November; examination dates are tentatively scheduled for the following December and January. Non-regular applicants (valedictorians and salutatorians who are not Manila residents), should they be considered eligible for application, may begin applying shortly before graduation and henceforth take the PLMAT circa April. The specific schedule will be stamped on the applicant’s test permit upon application.

Release of PLMAT Results

The PLMAT results for regular applicants are slated to come out circa February the following year; announcements will be made regarding the release of results for non-regular applicants. A list of passers will be posted in the PLM grounds by the Dean of Admissions, while the online release will subsequently be authorized by the president of the university.

PLMAT Coverage and Feedback

The two-hour exam covers the areas of English (Language Proficiency and Reading Comprehension, 50 items, 20 mins), Science (40-50 items, 25 mins), Mathematics (30-50 items, 40 mins), Filipino (LP and RC, 30-40 items, 15 mins), and Abstract Reasoning (30 items, 10 mins).

Given the small number of items in each subtest, only basic topics are covered in the exam. The exam may hold a little difficulty for some, particularly in the Abstract Reasoning section. Some may say that it is more or less similar to the USTET, if not slightly more difficult. External factors aside, the most surefire way to pass the PLMAT is to read up on your previous lessons in high school and pray sincerely.

In recent years, the number of applicants from low-income families has decreased, while applicants who go on to enroll in PLM are mostly from middle-income families. This is generally due to a discrepancy in the preparedness of applicants brought about by the inability to enroll in review classes or afford quality education. This has prompted the university to implement an outreach program to help needy applicants review and prepare for the PLMAT.

PLM Contact Information

The information given in this article may change with or without prior notice. To keep abreast of relevant information about PLM, its application procedures, and other important things, you may contact PLM by calling (+632) 527-7941 to 48. For a list of trunklines and locals for the different offices within the university, visit http://www.plm.edu.ph/contact-us.html.


http://www.plm.edu.ph/admission.html (PLM official website)
http://academic-clinic.com (Academic Clinic)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pamantasan_ng_Lungsod_ng_Maynila (PLM Wikipedia page)



While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, Academic-Clinic.com makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides.

Academic-Clinic.com has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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