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Enrolled in a Review Center? The Do’s and Dont’s

By:  Dous Baliton

So, you are now a graduating student of High School, and now you decide you want to be in the big Universities like UP, Ateneo, La Salle, UST and some other good Universities out there. But let’s say someone that has been tested in those universities and tells you that there are difficulties in passing those tests? So you eventually decided to enroll into a review center, for most lazy teens of today have a hard time studying on their own, because you aren’t responsible enough. But you want to be in one of those universities by the time you are in college right? It won’t matter which review center you are going to enroll in, nor their high class teaching for giving you the edge in college tests, have you to make sure your mind is well present and willing to recall and remember. No matter which review center you are enrolling in, they only have one common objective, which is to: MAXIMIZE YOUR CHANCES OF PASSING A COLLEGE ENTRANCE TEST. So in this article, Ill tell you SOME of what you should DO and what you should NOT TO DO when you are ENROLLED in a REVIEW CENTER.

The DO’s

1) Be WILLING TO LISTEN – It is very important to be a good listener while your teacher refreshes your mind of what you’ve learned for the past 3 years in your High School Life. The most important things that he/she says during the discussion of what is to be remembered in a College Entrance Test is vital. If you didn’t even bother to listen, why on earth did you enroll anyway? It’s your parents money that gotten yourself into the review center, don’t waste the money they sacrificed for you.

2) TAKE DOWN NOTES – Like I mention on the first DO, the most important things are supposed to be written down for you not to forget it when you are having reviewing by yourself. The essential points in a topic in regards to the subject you are review that will be included the CET you are about to take a few months from now will always be the ones you should take it down. Make sure that your notes are easy to understand. Try some patterns when taking down notes for you to have an easier way of understanding the essential points in a topic from a particularly important subject, especially in math and science, where you really need to pay attention carefully.

3) SOCIALIZE – If you have friends taking the same review center as you do, it’s pretty much a good thing. Because you got people that you know that you can talk to about these important lessons in the past. If you don’t have any friends enrolling with you, well, it’s a different story. You going to either stay alone and get bored while you’re trying to pay attention and taking down notes or, you try and socialize with people you don’t actually know of who has the same objective as you do, which is to pass the test of your dream university. Back in your VERY FIRST day of your life as student, do you ever recognize your new classmates that you actually know who they are? Not exactly. None of you probably  knows one another, and that’s when they explore the people around and getting to know. It should possibly be the same in the situation that you are going to have an entrance test that you should try to socialize with the people you don’t actually know. Why? Simple, helping together to pass an entrance test. Eventually, you might socialize with them “could” possibly help you out, if you are not the best person in the class and you’re not close with the smartest dudes in the class, and you found out someone who is that you don’t know, that’ll be good, he could teach you some hard things in topics like when the smartest people in your class could do to you. That’s your decision whether to socialize or not, just make sure you guys keep talking on the one thing that made you guys cross paths, to pass the entrance test, so talk to that person about that as much as you can possibly do.

4) Other packages in your review center other than the classroom review? TAKE THE CHANCE - So the last day of of actual classroom review classes is over, so what are you going to do? Enjoy the sun? If you ask me, no. Not yet. You could relax a bit, but you have to give time for these offers that they get as a part of the package that your review center could offer. Im telling you my side of the story, when I was enrolled back then, I wasn’t completely serious, but I did try to keep my conscience with my review center to take those “other review sessions” that isn’t going to require a classroom. So dont be like me, I enjoyed my time on other things. The professors there are right, sacrifice the enjoyment of summer, you can enjoy the full of it next year, when you know everything’s over and all you need to do next year is to enroll in your dream university. So take the chance if you want to pass those difficult tests in those universities and remember, it could probably be the same as a regular review classroom class, listen and take down notes at important points.

5) Bored? Give yourself the responsibility to review by yourself - You are on your own when there are no other important dates you have to attend in a review center before you could take the entrance exams. Allot yourself about 2 – 4 hours of study time. If you are having difficulty in subjects like math, best to prioritize studying it first before the subjects you find easier to review at. Its best that you have to try and get your weak points in your academics in high school eliminated. Plan a subject schedule when reviewing on your own, and this usually happens at the time that your graduating year starts. But if you review differently like all subjects included in your big test, and you review it at the same length in the span of 2-4 hours, it’s still okay, yet you might hurt your brain a bit. In case you aren’t used to reviewing multiple subjects at the same time. If you have spare time, use it to review if you really want to maximize the chances of passing the entrance tests. That is, if laziness doesn’t get the better of you.

6)PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Of course, you got review materials from your review center, and you used it up already during the summer review, find one from the net that is free or get one from your review center if they offer free review materials. Practice answering the possible free review materials that you can find in websites. So you can give yourself an idea of what is going to happen in the actually test proper. If your review center has already given you another set of another simulation tests, use it. Don’t try and cheat your practice, because that is definitely not going to help increase the chances of passing an entrance test for college admission in your dream university.

7) Advice and Help - having some trouble reviewing? And your fears of failing are coming into your mind? Ask advice from other people, your parents, teachers, friends or even the people from the review center you enrolled, don’t be afraid to ask help from these guys, as they might tell you some things you might want to know when it comes to college entrance tests. It could probably spell the difference between you successfully passing the entrance test of your dream university and trying to think of other options of where to study in college.

8) Back-Up Plans - Pass or Fail, you might need back-up plans when something doesn’t go the way you planned your time studying in your dream university, always find the best ones for you. As long as your parents have the finances to sustain your possible demands or otherwise, they make the decisions on where you would study in college, so back it up, your review center will also tell you what to do in-case your college plans didn’t go according to plan, so its better to be prepared for the worst possible outcomes when trying to get in to your dream university.

So thats some of the DO’s you might have to do when you are enrolled in a review center, now Ill tell you some of the DONT’s when you are enrolled in a review center.

1) NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED – NEVER and I mean NEVER TAKE your reviewing for GRANTED for that big college entrance test. You, being one of those people who could maximize the chances of passing CET’s is definitely something. You are supposed to review for those particular exams, and then you’re not going to review it seriously? Where are you going to go to college? You’ll put the hard-earned money your parents had for you all in smoke. Simple as that.

2) NEVER LET THE PRESSURE GET THE BETTER OF YOU – Im telling you this because the fact that you might take the biggest college exam tests is that there will pressure coming at all directions, most especially, your parents, and if your parents have high expectations on you, just dont try and feel it, otherwise you will likely be in trouble when you are taking the test proper itself. I think you guys know what I mean.

3) DONT BE LAZY - That is the one common thing most of us have. In the this generation, because of advanced technology, sa tingin mo, ano ang probability na may makikita kang masipag na kabataan ngayon? Konti diba? Sana wag kana sumama sa kanila, kasi, dito ang nagsasabi kung papasa ka o hindi ka papasa sa pinapangarap mong Unibersidad. Kahit sa test na kukunin mo, wag ka lang tamad. Pwede kang maging tamad sa mga gawain, wag lang ang mayron kaugnayan sa pag-rereview mo lalo na kapag naka-enroll ka sa review center mo. Sana lang. Kasi alam kong may tamad na tao pero matindi ang kakayahan niya, di lang niya pinapakita.

4) NEVER CRAM - Alam ko usong-uso kapag nasa Quarterly Exams ka ng High School, pero hinding-hindi dapat to gawin sa mga matinding CET, lalo na ang pinakamahihirap na test? Diyos ko, kaysa mag-review ka, mag-sagot ka nalang ng review materials na pinrovide ng review center mo kung maaari. Wag mong isaksak lahat ang impormasyon sa utak mo sa haba ng 3 taon na pag-aaral ng hayskul. Wala ka nang maiisip na kahit ano kapag ginawa mo yun, promise, marami nang bumabagsak sa mga exams dahil dito. Kaya mas mabuti’t nag-aral ka pa ng mas maaga kaysa sa kung kailan exam na, saka ka mag-rerewind lahat ng pinag-aaralan mula 1st year hanggang sa parte ng 4th year mo. Wag lang.

5) DONT GET TOO CONFIDENT - Kaya din bumabagsak ang mga estudyante sa mga CET’s dahil akala nila’y kayang kaya na nila kahit nag-daan pa sila sa review center, eh di po ganun. Habang tumatagal na di ka nag-rereview, lalong tinatapon ang utak ang mga mahahalagang impormasyon na dapat nandyan sa utak mo. Pwede ka maging confident, as long as na nagawa mo ang dapat mong ginawa para ma-maximize ang chances na papasa ka sa mga CET’s especially kapag ika’y nag-enroll sa review center.

6) NEVER WASTE THE CHANCE OF MAXIMIZING THE CHANCES OF PASSING WHEN ENROLLED IN A REVIEW CENTER - That is another thing that you should never do. You have a purpose to do. So dont think of wasting the money your parents had hardly earned, stop. Get serious my friend. Maximize what you can possibly maximize when you are enrolled in a review center, dont waste the one opportunity. You can only get into a review center that its purpose is to make you prepared for a CET only ONCE. Except that is if you are an incoming Third Year Student that is. Ibig sabihin ko, kung mag-dadalawang beses ka, gawin mo na kapag-incoming Third Year HS Student ka. Dahil pag-kagraduate mo na ng HS, wala na. Sarado na ang pagrereview nila sayo. At ang mga CET’s alalahanin mo, may mga CET’s na ONCE lang na mangyayari sa buhay mo, kaya wag mong sayangin.

7) NEVER GET DISTRACTED – Wag na wag kang magpapa-distract sa mga ginagawa mong usual na bagay. Kapag-nag-rereview ka, nag-rereview. Pag-oras ng katuwaan, oras ng katuwaan. Kaya wag mong isa-isip ang mga bagay o gawain na ‘di nag-uugnay sa pag-rereview mo para sa matindi mong exam sa pinapangarap mong Unibersidad.

Yun lang ang ilan sa maraming pwede mo at di mo pwedeng gawin kapag naka-enroll ka sa review center na ang purpose ay itaas ang pag-asa mong mapasa ang pangarap mong Unibersidad. At may isa pa akong sasabihin.

MAG-DASAL. Dahil ‘di mo magagawa ang DO’s at DONT’s na ‘di ka guided ng Diyos. Siya ang magiging susi sa iyong tagumpay na pag-rereview, pagiging pasado at siyempre, ang pag-aaral mo sa pinaka-gusto mong unibersidad. Basta mag-tiwala ka sa kanya, at gawin mo ang dapat mong gawin sa review center na pinag-enroll ka ng magulang mo, masisigurado kong maaabot ang gusto mong abutin sa mga pangarap mo.

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