Like you, I'm an incoming high school senior this June. A few months ago I was just like you, curious how to be accepted into the countries top universities but because of Academic Clinic ( and forums I now have an idea how. You could also go to the school's website and read about their admission guidelines. P.S.- It doesn't matter what school you came from- the universities check your grades not your background.

by Missy Tan on Yahoo Answers:

Degree Program with Available Slot [DPWAS] qualifiers FAQS, Tips, and Walkthroughs

By:  Rheanne Jimeno

 So, lumabas na ang results ng UPCAT! At nakita mo ang pangalan mo sa list ng UPCAT qualifiers! Nakapasa ka rin sa gusto mong campus! Pero nung titignan mo na ang course na naipasa mo… biglang… “DEGREE PROGRAM WITH AVAILABLE SLOT”

Ngayon, hindi mo alam ang gagawin mo. Hindi mo alam kung dapat ka bang magsaya, o dapat ka bang kabahan. Ngayon, sinasabi ko sa’yo na…

Magsaya ka na! Dahil nakapasa ka sa UP! Kahit ano pa ang sabihin mo, nakita mo ang pangalan mo sa list of passers diba? Isa kang UPCAT passer! At naqualify ka rin sa isang campus!

 “Ok po.. Pero ano po ba ang ibig sabihin ng DPWS qualifier? ”


Siguro narinig mo na ang term na “quota courses” right? ‘Yun yung mga course na “in-demand”, pero limited lang ang number of slots. Examples are BS Business Administration and Accountancy, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering, BS Computer Science, etc.

Ngayon, kung DPWS ang lumabas na resulta sa’yo, ibig sabihin ay hindi ka umabot sa quota ng courses na pinili mo sa campus na pinasahan mo. Kaya, pwede ka lang mag-apply sa isang  “Degree Program na may Available pang Slot”

Pero wag kang mag-alala. Remember: Qualified ka na sa campus. Nakapasa ka na sa UPCAT.  Ang kailangan mo nalang ay maghanap ng isang course na may slot pa.

“So.. ano po ang dapat kong gawin?”

Three Things.

1. By February, you’ll receive a letter from UP indicating that you passed the UPCAT. There, you’ll be given instructions regarding your case. Makikita mo rin dun yung Student Number mo at Pin. Ingatan mo yung letter. Basahin mong mabuti. At ‘wag na ‘wag mong iwawala.

2.  By the 2nd week of February, upcoming freshies will be asked to confirm their decision to enroll. Confirm your slot online. There, you’ll be asked to choose (3) courses you would like to enroll in, in order of your preference.

*Understand that assignment to your chosen program is not automatic but dependent upon availability of slots and your UPCAT SCORE.

3. And lastly, by the end of March you’ll be able to see the Final Course Assignments.

Other FAQs:

1.       Pwede po ba ilagay yung original na course na gusto mo talaga sa choices?

Yes, yes. You may. I highly recommend you to still put it as your 1st choice. It won’t hurt. Based on my experience, I still put BS ECE on the top of the list even though I know it’s a highly quota course. But guess what? I was able to grab a slot for BS ECE!

Unfortunately, DPWS qualifiers will only be able to choose from a limited number of degree programs. BS BAA, BA Fine Arts, and BA Music, for example is already out of the list. So, sorry.

*Just a piece of advice, ilagay mo parin yung pinakagusto mong course sa option number 1. Yung second choice mo sa option number 2, at magplay safe ka na sa 3rd option.

2.       Paano pong play safe?

Play safe. Para kung sakaling hindi ka parin pumasa sa 1st and 2nd choices mo, you’ll still have your 3rd choice. Maglagay ka na ng non quota course dito na may relate sa original course na gusto mo, para hindi ka mahirapang magshift next school year. That’s if you consider shifting as a choice. ^^

As for my case, ganito ang ginawa ko:

1st Choice: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (eto yung gusto ko talagang course.)

2nd Choice: BS Computer Science (2nd choice ko, kaso quota din daw)

3rd Choice: BS Geodetic Engineering (Last resort. Para makapagshift next year sa ECE. ^^)

So… DPWS Qualifiers! Gambatte! And may the odds be ever in your favor! ^^


Sana nakatulong ako kahit papano! ^^

Kung may tanong pa kayo please comment. XD

Please take note na yung mga pinagsusulat ko dito

based on my experience lang kaya hindi siguro siya 100% accurate.

Pero sana makatulog parin! ^^


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Degree Program with Available Slot [DPWAS] qualifiers FAQS, Tips, and Walkthroughs

  1. pano po sa case ko na dpwas sa up diliman… and gusto ko po talaga ng bs baa kaya po natuwa ko nang sinabi dto na pwede ilagay ung first choice kaso dun po sa confirmation of slots online… ndi ko malagay ung bs baa sa 1st choice dahil ung mga undergrad degree program w/ available slot ung mga nasa choices…. ibig po b nung sabihin na hindi na talaga pwedeng ilagay ung bs baa???? ndi ko po alam ung gagawin ko…. help naman po plsss ………… tnx na rin in advance

  2. Hello! I recently passed UPCAT and got a really confusing result as to my lack of knowledge in UP’s system. I got a DPWS and was waitlisted for BA Broadcast Communication. Now I know that UP will be sending me a letter, I would like to list BA PolSci, BA BroadComm and BA Comparative Lit as my new course choices. By any chance, will I be admitted if I list these? Or if you know cases similar to mine, could you kindly share their experience to me? Thank you 🙂

  3. Hello po. Una sa lahat salamat po sa website na to. Dahil dito, nakapasa akong upcat, seryoso. Palaganapin niyo pa po ito para sa iba ring walang budget mag review centers. :)))))

    Tanong ko lang po, nakapasa po akong upd, tas dpws rin yung nakalagay sakin. Pano po malalaman kung anong courses yung may available slots pa? Sa mail ko po kasing natanggap from up, may nakalagay na lists of courses para sa dpws. Nakalagay pa rin po ung ece tsaka journ, which are my first and second choices. Pno po yun? Naguguluhan po ako. Desidido ako mag diliman, pero siyempre gusto kong yung gusto ko, hindi lang ung pumasok ako para lang sa pangalan ng school. Thanks po at astig kayo.

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