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UPCAT Q&A: When Will You Receive Your UPCAT Results Letter?

Well, the not so simple answer is that it depends on several factors:

 1.  Online / Offline release of UPCAT Results:  Some students who took the UPCAT in the past few years claim they received their letters more or less one month after the release of the UPCAT results.  [ I just got talked to the admissions office, they haven’t even mailed the letters yet.: )]

2.  UP Campus:  Letters from UP Diliman are sent first, the rest of the other campuses follow after.

 3.  Proximity to Manila:  Of course, students who are in manila or near manila seem to always receive their letters first – which is sometime in the middle of February.  Students in the provinces however say that they received their letter from UP sometime between the last week of February to the first half of March.

 4.  Postal Service:  Lastly, Since UP sends the UPCAT results letter through snail mail, one of the factors you’ll need to consider is the speed of service of our postal service especially your local office.  This is why some students in the same region receive their letters way before the others.   [Yung may mga kaaway din na postman paminsan hindi na natatangaap ang letters nila..- joke : D]

In any case, don’t worry about it.  You will receive your letters from UP just in time for it to be used in whatever purpose you’ll need it for.  After all, those who got DPWAS will still have enough time after the confirmation of slots [usually middle of feb to middle of march] to process their applications.  For those who will be applying for reconsideration, you’ll be starting out even later than the DPWAS cases.

Where will the letters be mailed though? 

Again it depends.. if you sent your applications by batch through your school then most probably the results will also be mailed by batch to your school.  If you sent it individually though, the letter might be sent to your home address.

So DON’T WORRY..  have faith..  CHILL..  the UP admissions office has been doing this for quite a number of decades now and they will not fail you now.. ^^

ps:  if you dont receive your letter by the first week of March though, dont hesitate to call the UP admissions office.: )


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