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UPCAT Review Questions

This is a compilation of automated sample UPCAT quizzes.  Upon clicking the link, you will be able to take the quizzes online.  You score will be automatically generated after you finish each exam.  Please do share our free UPCAT review quizzes to your friends and dont forget to like us on Facebook!  ^^


General Science: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-questions-general-science/

Biology: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-questions-biology/

Chemistry: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-exam-chemistry/

Physics:  http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-mock-test-physics/


Basic Math: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-sample-test-basic-math/

Algebra: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-review-questions-algebra/

Trigonometry and Geometry: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/04/upcat-review-questions-sample-trigonometry-geometry-quiz/

Advanced Algebra and Statistics:  http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-sample-quiz-advanced-algebra-and-statistics/


Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-review-questions-sample-parts-of-speech-general-grammar-rules-quiz/

Syntax and Mechanics: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-sample-questions-syntax-and-mechanics/

Diction and Vocabulary: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/05/upcat-reviewer-sample-quiz-diction-vocabulary/

Reading Comprehension: http://academic-clinic.com/2011/06/upcat-mock-exam-reading-comprehension/

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11 thoughts on “UPCAT Review Questions

  1. I got 15 out of 50. Honestly I don’t even know most of the words!
    I never read some of the words ever! Well, I think this would be a great help for me in the future. Thanks to this site! 🙂

  2. Gosh!! Layo pa ng exam pero super kaba na ako kakatingin sa mga comments dito! I wonder, mahirap kaya talaga ung exam? Pero super tnx dito, ang daming nahelp. 😉

    God, kaw nang bahala kung anung gusto mo para saken.

  3. sana talaga makapasa ko :).. but I know God’s plan is for my sake… but still, i’m hoping to pass this UPCAT :))

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