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University Ghost Stories

This year’s Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t stop mysterious phenomena from taking place—it’s just that people like to talk about them during October.  In fact, students, teachers and staff members from top universities such as ADMU, UP, DLSU and UST have their own stories to share.  Listed below are a few of the unexplained goings-on in these campuses.


Ateneo University Stories


The story of the PIPAC building is a classic one.  Chemistry majors know that the oxygen in the building is routinely sucked out to prevent highly flammable chemicals from turning it into a fireball.  Unfortunately, a janitor was at the wrong place at the wrong time when one such vacuum process took place.


The story goes that he repeatedly tried to call for help by frantically waving his arms and banging in front of the window, but he suffocated before help arrived.  When they found him, his sightless eyes stared up at them in anguish.  Word has it that his restless spirit still occupies the building.


Some of the other halls reportedly have stories of their own.  It is said that the spirit of the late Father Eliazo is still roaming Bellarmine Hall.  The stairs of Gonzaga Hall are also worthy of the Twilight Zone:  they say that if you climb them at night, you’ll always end up at the landing of the second floor no matter what you do.


U.P. Diliman Stories


The College of Music has an 8:00 pm curfew, so everyone must leave the premises by that time.  Some janitors claim, however, that they have heard some pianists ardently practicing their art after curfew hours, only to see no one at the piano when they went to investigate.  The biggest gong in the gamelan room ensemble reportedly vibrates by itself at midnight every evening.


Benitez Hall, Vinzon’s Hall and the Sampaguita dorm all have stories of their own.  Two students once spotted Dean Benitez (after whom the College of Education gets its name) observing one of the new professors in her class—a practice he regularly engaged in when he was alive on Earth.  The Vinzon’s Hall comfort room reportedly has a girl hanging from the ceiling.  Dormers have also reported mysterious presences appearing in the mirror, supposedly smiling at them or even praying the rosary with them.


DLSU Stories


DLSU has interesting stories about its elevator system.  Two students working on their thesis in the STRC area at night reportedly ran into a lady who used the elevator.  She had extremely long hair.  Her bottom torso was missing.


The Sports Complex elevator also sees regular service in the evening.  One volleyball player who rode the elevator at night claimed that it stopped at every floor on the way down—only no one got on it.  The overload signal even buzzed when she was supposed to be the only person in there.


The security guards at the same complex are reportedly hesitant to go up to the ninth floor at night.  They claim that a long dead basketball player switches the lights on after they’ve switched them off and practices sprinting drills there.


UST Stories


Thousands of people reportedly died within the walls of UST before the grounds became home to the school.  Its centuries-old history (it was once used as an internment camp during the Japanese occupation era) offers a plethora of secrets and tales, including that of a long-dead Dominican priest reportedly walking along Benavides Park at midnight, nodding at passers-by.


The security guard known as “Mang Ambo” was fond of pulling pranks during his lifetime—and beyond.  A janitor went to the comfort room in the wee hours of the morning to wash his face.  He claimed that the lights went on and off, only to find no one there when he investigated.  The interesting thing is that he received phone call moments later that announced Mang Ambo’s death in a freak accident.


Finally, stories are also told of the spirit of a brokenhearted young lady who weeps in Room 406 of the St. Raymund’s Building—the same place from which she jumped to her death after hearing of her parents’ planned separation.


Tips to Remember


Though these accounts are scary, we need not give in to our fear.  There’s always a flipside to any ghost story.  Here are a few tips to keep you grounded and centered when you feel your skin crawling.


First, remember that we ourselves are also spirits.  The main difference between us and the spirits that walk the halls of the universities is that we have physical bodies—they don’t.  When God calls us home, we will be like them, only we won’t be chained to this mortal plane anymore.


Second, focus on more edifying things.  Whatever you focus on tends to grow.  Instead of worrying about Halloween spooks, grab a Bible, turn to Psalm 91 and meditate on it.  It’s a powerful psalm, so memorize it and learn it by heart.  Whenever you feel fear, acknowledge what you are feeling, turn to the Lord, and recite Psalm 91, preferably out loud.


If you’re a Muslim, you can meditate on the statement “There is only one true, God” or “My, God.”  It’s the same thing that Kalimasada (an Indonesian healing martial art) practitioners do, and it’s also powerful stuff.


Pray for the spirits.  Pray for them in love.  If it’s indeed true that they are chained to this plane because of unresolved in their mortal lives, then ask God to comfort and reassure them, to lead them to a saving knowledge of Himself, to fill them with His peace and to set them free.  You’ll be helping them out I like to think that they will appreciate your help.


Finally, send God’s love to all your fears.  Fear tends to cloud our judgment and mess with our minds.  Immerse yourself in the love of God and of other people whether it’s Halloween or not.  Love drives out fear.

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