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Brain Train is UPCAT Review Center of the Year 2011

Brain Train Tutorial and Review Center

Brain Train Tutorial and Review Center emerges as winner in the 2011 Academic-Clinic Students’ Choice Award for UPCAT Review Center of the Year. The month-long online poll ended up being a contest among 22 UPCAT Review Centers. During the contest period, a total of 6,936 votes were cast, with Brain Train Tutorial and Review Center bagging 46.4% or 3,215 of the votes.

Academic-Clinic opened the voting on September 15, 2011. Facebook fans of were then invited to vote by “liking” the picture/logo of the UPCAT Review Center of their choice. They were also encouraged to tell their friends about the contest so they, too, could vote for their favorite UPCAT Review Center. Online voting ended on October 15, 2011, during which time the “likes” for each review center were tallied and the winner declared.

A total of 22 review centers were in the running to become UPCAT Review Center of the Year. Academic-Clinic supplied the list of nominees, adding review centers to the list upon the request of online voters. Aside from Brain Train, the other UPCAT Review Centers that were up for voting are Acad 1, Academic Gateway, Ahead Tutorial and Review Center, Alsh Review and Tutorial Center, Diliman Access Tuorials and Reviews, JLT Center, High Achievers Tutorials and Review center, MathHub Tutorials and Review, MentorsPlus (2nd Place with 2, 572 votes), MSA Institute, Newton Study Center, 9.0 Niner Review Center, Review Masters, Study Habits Tutorial and Review Center, TutorLink Tutorial and Review Center, TutorPlus Company, upLEAP Tutorial and Review Center, Uplink Tutorial and Review, Young Einstein Learning Center, Loyola Student Center (LSC), and WhizKidz @ Brain Power Learning Center.

The 2011 UPCAT Review Center of the Year is Academic-Clinic’s first-ever Students’ Choice Award. Academic-Clinic plans to make the search for UPCAT Review Center of the Year an annual undertaking. The organization also plans to roll out other Students’ Choice Awards in the near future.

For more information on the Brain Train Tutorial and Review Center’s UPCAT Review Program, read UPCAT Review Center: Brain Train.


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