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FEU-CAT Application for FEU Manila and FEU Makati Ongoing

For those of you who intend to pursue your college studies in the Far Eastern University – specifically in the FEU Manila or FEU Makati campus – you can submit your application form for the FEU College Admissions Test (FEU-CAT) now.

The FEU-CAT for FEU Manila and FEU Makati aspiring freshmen for the academic intake year, 2012-2013, is administered every Saturday. To take this college entrance test, you must accomplish the FEU-CAT Application Form, submit that and other requirements (including a 2×2 ID picture) to the admissions office of the FEU campus of your choice, and pay the college admissions test fee. After that, show up at the exam venue and on the exam date specified  in your receipt.

For more information on the application requirements, please read FEU Application and Entrance Exam Basics. For updates and university-specific information, visit the FEU website.


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