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UP Certificate in Theater Arts Program Admission Basics

There’s something about standing in front of an audience and playing out a role that appeals to certain people.  Fortunately, UP Diliman’s College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts has a Certificate Program in Theater Arts for folks who wish to develop their acting skills and then some.


The interesting thing about this program is that is divided into two majors:  performance and technical theater and management.  The former involves the stuff we’ve come to expect from theater talents: acting, drama, voice, etc..  The latter involves everything that goes on behind the curtains: lighting, scene and costume design, production, etc.  The General Education subjects for both are similar, though.



As with all certificate courses, you need not take and pass the UPCAT in order to apply for this program.  The school will need the following things from you:


  • Your high school grades from first year to fourth year, with averages of 85% or better.
  • 3 recommendation letters from your professors or noted theater actors or a combination of both
  • Half-body and whole body pictures of 3R size
  • A portfolio of your theater experience
  • The fully accomplished application form


Applications usually start during the month of February with the deadline falling around the end of March.  The second or third week of April is usually reserved for the audition or Talent Determination Test (TDT).


Talent Auditions and Beyond

The TDT is actually a multi-performance screening procedure.  To pass it, you’ll need to perform a song number, do a movement piece, dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop) and a monologue.  For the dance portion, the college staff members will determine what you will do.


If you pass the initial screening, the university registrar will ask you for a second set of requirements.  These are the standard requirements for anyone who is eligible registration; please take a look at this webpage for a complete listing.


Contact Details

If you have any questions about the application process or the program itself, feel free to contact the College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts at. (632) 924-3224.





Mr. Ronny of the College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts

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