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Transferring Courses or UP Campuses Right after the UPCAT

As people, we sometimes change our minds about things, and that’s generally all right. This is sometimes seen in the way UP applicants decide to change campuses or courses.  I’m not referring to those who shift courses in the middle of their college life or to those who do so because they do not make the UPCAT cut.  There are students out there who seek options than the ones indicated on their application form.

The good news is that it is possible to make those changes provided you follow the rules and guidelines of the university.  Read on—you may find yourself in this situation in the future.

Changing Campuses Immediately After Passing the UPCAT

If you’d rather study in a UP unit (campus) other than Diliman, the first thing to do is to contact that unit and ask if you can do so.  Different campuses have different requirements based on UPCAT cut-off scores, available slots and other factors.  Ask your target campus what these are.

There is no real set process for transferring campuses immediately after passing the entrance test.  Diliman will simply ask you to accomplish a confirmation sheet that basically asks you whether you wish to proceed with your plan to study there or not.

 Warning: do not give up your Diliman campus slot and your chosen course there until your target campus accepts your request.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with no campus at all. Wait for the target campus’ response before letting them go.

If your campus of interest accepts, then inform Diliman by checking the appropriate options in the confirmation sheet.  After that, simply proceed with the normal registration process at that campus.

The interesting thing to note is that UP Diliman allows applicants to change their minds and transfer to other UP units (campuses) after the UPCAT, but not the other way round (unless the incoming transferee is an Oblation scholar).  This one-way system is due to the scarcity of available slots in the main campus.

Changing Courses Immediately After Passing the UPCAT

 If you’d rather remain at Diliman and pursue a different course instead, contact the college of the program you’re interested in.  Please coordinate with them as different colleges may have different registration processes and requirements with regard to your situation.

While it’s somewhat possible to change courses immediately, you may have to wait due to university rules and slot availability concerns.  This means that the actual qualifiers of your target course: The DPWAS (degree program with available slot) folks > The Shiftees > The Transferees > and those who have applied for UPCAT reconsideration will get first dibs at that course’s slots—usually in that order, though the university usually has the DPWAS and reconsideration folks go together after the others have had their chance.

If available slots still remain after the aforementioned people have claimed them, then you may go ahead and register at the college of your choice.  More often than not though, you will be advised to stick with the program you qualified in and just shift after you have enough units. [this goes for those who passed their first choice and want to transfer to their 2nd college course choice and those who qualified for their 2nd choice and wants to apply for reconsideration for their first choice].

 Special Cases: some students are allowed to change courses before enrollment.  these are the:

*  Oblation Scholars [Top 50 UPCAT Passers] – they are given the privilege to choose any course they like even if they did not indicate it on their application forms.

*  DOST Scholars and sometimes scholars from other programs:  Students with contracts with DOST to take engineering or science courses are sometimes allowed by the University to change courses before enrollment.

*  Students who passed the UPCAT but failed the Talent Test of their course [Music, Fine Arts, etc].  These students are given DPWAS status and thus can change courses before enrollment.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about changing UP or courses immediately after you pass the UPCAT, feel free to contact the Diliman University Registrar’s Office at (632) 981-8500 ;oca; 4555-56 or (632) 928-8369.



Ms. Merly of the UP Diliman Admissions Office

Ms. Nancy of the UP Diliman Registrar’s Office


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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16 thoughts on “Transferring Courses or UP Campuses Right after the UPCAT

  1. Hi. Nagparecon po ako sa vetmed uplb and i passed. Im a dost scholar and hindi pwede yung vet sa dost. Ang plano ko po sana after 1year ay magshift sa course na pwede sa dost. Sa ngayon ipapadefer ko muna yung scholarship ko. Kaya lang sabi po nila hindi na pwede magshift sa vetmed. I just want to know kung totoo po bang di pwede magshift. Thanks

  2. Hi Po. i’m a UPLB BS Econ passer for ay 2015-2016. BS ECON was my 2nd choice. Can i shift to my first choice course in UPLB which is BS Statistics? How will i know if they’re still available slots in BS Stats?

  3. Good evening! i just passed the UPCAT but the problem is i really dont want to take dental medicine. i want to take pharmacy instead. can you please help me on what i should do? thanks!

  4. Hello everyone! Anyone knows how to shift campus? Like i always wanted to get into veterinary, but only the Los Banos campus offers it. My parents ont want me to leave since it is so far, so they told me not to apply to that. I applies to diliman and Manila instead. I really want to be a vet and i really hope no one would stop me from doing so (my parents are against it but they can be convinced). UP was also one of the first who had the entrance test early, so i had no choice but to comply with my parents first. But now that i see the career more and know myself more, i really dont see any other option other than veterinary for me.

    Is there a way to shift considering i passed the UPCAT or got waitlisted? Thank you to anyone who can answer. I really appreciate it and it would mean a lot to me.

    Mahilig po talaga ako sa mga hayop at sanay din ako. Gusto ko talaga ito at pangarap ko pa simulang pagkabata kaya lang pamilya kasi kami ng mga doktor.

  5. Good day! I just want to ask if I can shift to another course in U.P. Baguio for the 2nd semester? I’m a freshman in U.P. Baguio and I’m hoping to shift to B.S. Biology this year, is that possible or should I finish my first year in my first course? What are the requirements? Thank you!

  6. When I applied for UPCAT, I picked UPD for my first choice and UPLB for my second choice. I passed BS BIOLOGY in UPLB but now I really want to go to UPM to have a greater chance of getting into UPCM/PGH. I really feel bad right now *regrets* (Why didn’t I pick UPM for my first choice instead of UPD when I didn’t really want to go to UPD?!) *As of now, I still haven’t received my letter* but if ever my UPG qualifies for UPM, can I enroll to UPM??

    • *About the letter*

      My friend who was in pending case received her letter a week ago, and I haven’t received mine. Why?? Another friend who wasn’t on the first list received her letter weeks ago and she’s now reconsidered in UPLB. Why??

  7. Tanong ko lang po if possible po ba na, kunwari nag-recon ako sa UPLB and natanggap pero hindi ko preferred ang course. after 2 sems possible ba na lumipat ako ng campus and shift ng course at the same time?

    • Hi! I believe you need at least 33 units before you are eligible for transfer to another university in the UP system (of course, there’s a minimum grade requirement, too). This means that those who wish to transfer campuses usually have to stay put for at least 2 sems, and apply for transfer in the summer of their 1st year (transfer application deadlines usually fall in April, but they vary according to your destination college and university) if they wish to be in their new campus by the first semester of their 2nd year.

      • weh? nakalagay dun sa article sa taas pwede naman magtransfer ng up campus right after the upcat..papawaitlist nga lang

        • Hi! The original question pertained to transfer within the 1st year. Granted, that could mean transferring immediately after the UPCAT, but the question did not specifically indicate that.

          Now, assuming the question was indeed referring to transferring campuses right after the UPCAT, then it must be made clear that the article says you must ask your target campus if you can do so. Basically, the article says you can try since there are no clearly set rules and that a campus might let you transfer to it immediately after the UPCAT, but it’s not a given in any way.

          The article also says UP Diliman will let qualifiers transfer out of Diliman, but won’t let non-Diliman qualifiers transfer in (given the question about whether or not one could transfer to Manila after getting into LB, this does not really matter but it might be causing some confusion so it had to be restated).

          Hope this clarifies matters.

      • isn’t it unfair? ung mga non-qualifiers pwede mag-apply for recon sa ibang up campus samantalang ung mga qualifiers bawal. sana na lang pala bumagsak ako sa upcat para nakapagpa-recon pa ko =(((

        • I’m sorry you feel that way, but let me take this chance to stress a very important point for future UPCAT takers.

          High school students, you are advised to choose your first- and second-choice campuses very carefully. If you want to get into UP no matter the campus, then you can hedge your bets and indicate your preferred campus as your first choice and a campus with a lower UPG cut-off as your second choice (provided that such campus is still a logical choice geographically speaking – it’s also better if you like it). If, however, your preference for specific UP campuses outweigh your desire to get into UP (any UP campus), then choose your UP campuses as you see fit without regard for their UPG cut-offs.

          The important thing to remember is that each of the above options comes with unique consequences. If you choose your campuses according to the first option, then there’s a risk you’ll land in a campus you don’t really like (namely, your second choice). If you choose your campuses according to the second option, then just know you run the risk of facing more competition (the campuses you’ll choose are probably the most popular campuses – UPD and UPM – which also have the highest cut-offs), thereby reducing your chances of getting into UP.

          The choice is always yours – you just have to know what your options are so you can make informed decisions.

  8. I’m about to take the UPCAT. First choice ko is Diliman, and I’m thinking of Mindanao as second choice. If di ako nakapasa sa Diliman, but I passed Mindanao, pwede ako mag shift ng campus without even going to Mindanao right?

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