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The UPCAT Reconsideration Process

Every UP applicant knows that the application form contains a choice of two campuses.  Supposedly, this is acts as a failsafe in case the students do not meet the cut-off score for their first choice.  However, there are times when they don’t meet the cut-off scores for both campuses.  What should they do during times like these?

Enter the UPCAT reconsideration process.  The good news is that they’re not limited to two and only two campuses—the reconsideration procedure allows them to take their pursuit of a university education to other UP units except UP Diliman.  They can actually register there provided they meet certain conditions.

Reconsideration in a Nutshell

The university mails the UPCAT results to all applicants sometime in February.  It is imperative that you wait for your letter to arrive before applying for reconsideration.  Why?  Because you will need to have your UPG score and your UPCAT subtest scores for the reconsideration process.  Moreover, the reconsideration period wont even start until around the latter half of March to early April [after the confirmation of slots of those who passed, after the shiftees and transferees and sometimes the DPWAS students have been processed]. This part appears to be no longer true. Apparently, UP Manila’s reconsideration deadline is now the same as its slot confirmation deadline. Anybody else had this experience? Please share any information you may have or your own reconsideration experience which may help future UPCAT applicants.

Students planning to file for reconsideration should then contact the registrar’s office of the UP unit they wish to enroll in [again except UP Diliman].  This is important because different campuses have different cut-off scores.

To apply for reconsideration at a specific campus, the applicants must meet the minimum cut-off score of that campus.  The higher their actual score, the better the chances of getting their reconsideration application approved.

For example, UP Manila requires a minimum cut-off score of 2.580, but that will place the students’ reconsideration applications with a few hundred others.  To stand a better chance of getting in, it would be better if their scores were at least at 2.4.

The Process

 Assuming they pass the cut-off score requirement, all applicants have to do is to bring their photocopied UPCAT results with them to the registrar’s office of the campus they’re interested in.  From there, they’ll need to fill up the reconsideration form and indicate two BS and BA courses of choice.  They’ll also need to pay a 100-peso processing fee [note: reader WHA recently left a comment to say that the reconsideration fee is now 150.00 – at least for UP Manila; any one has info on other campuses?].

Just like your original UPCAT application, you’ll have to choose your courses carefully in this step.  This is because each college or course will also have their own UPG cut-offs or subtest cutoffs and your UPG will still be ranked here in comparison with the other recon applicants to that course.

The reason for selecting multiple courses is simple:  in case any courses have run out of available slots, applicants can always go for the next program down the line.  Even if they don’t get into their first program of choice, they can always shift courses a year later.  It’s easier to do when they’re already in the system than to fight for slots before the school year begins.

The reconsideration phase starts around March, with the deadline falling around the middle of April.  The results will come out sometime during the last week of May. Please check notes in the earlier part of this post.

Final Considerations

 In case you’re wondering, the process is the same across all UP units except UP Diliman which does not entertain reconsideration requests.The only thing that varies between them is the cut-off score requirement.  For some UP campuses though like UPLB, it would help a lot if you have indicated their campus as a choice in your original UPCAT application.  If you have any questions about the cut-off scores or the reconsideration process itself, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly folks over at the different university registrar’s offices.

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Ms. Merly of the UP Diliman Admissions Office

Ms. Jona of the UP Manila Registrar’s Office


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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27 thoughts on “The UPCAT Reconsideration Process

  1. hi, it’s been 6 years since I took UPCAT and never had a chance to see my UPG? Is it possible that OUR in Diliman have my UPCAT result, if so, can I still apply for reconaideration? Please help me, thanks!

  2. Hello po :)) tanong ko lang po kung anu po sa mga BA courses po na ‘to , BA Organizational Communication, BA Development Studies, BA Philippine Arts, BA Social Sciences ang maganda pong kunin para po kung mag shishift sa medical course ay may macecredit pong units? Thank you po :DD

  3. HI! pwede po bang magpa reconsider sa UPLB eventhough hindi ko po choice campus yun? my UPG is 2.199 and gusto ko po sana ipa reconsider yun sa uplb. please reply thanks!

  4. hello po, i got a upg of 2.471, magaaply po sana ako sa lb kaso po para sure kasi nagaalangan po ako, may chance po ba ang ganitong upg na marecon??

    gusto ko po kasi talaga mag up eh, email nio na lng po ako thanks

  5. Gud day po… My letter has arrived weeks ago pa. I got a UPG of 2.471, at BS agricultural biotechnology po ang choice ko sa reconsideration. Gaano po kaya kataas chance ko na mareconsider saka magkano po ba ung processing fee??? La po kasing sumasagot sa lb pag tumatawag po ako eh….

    Thanks in advance hope na matulungan nio po ako 🙂

  6. Hi!

    I would like to ask about my case, if UP Manila’s cutoff is supposed to be 2.28-2.5, then why is it that I wasn’t able to pass? (My UPG 2.361 by the way)

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  7. mam/ sir, kailangan po ba talagang intayin muna ung letter or pwede namang puntahan na lng ung office nila para kunin ung result mo…… pagkakaalam ko po kasi 50 ang babayaran para makuha ung upg mo kasama na ung ibang details about your UPCAT……….pwede kaya un?

    • gusto po sana nmin mag pareconsideration sa upm.ksi nakuha ng anak ko 2.299,possible po ba makapagpa recon ang anak ko..thanks..need reply

  8. Hello po, nag apply po ako ng reconsideration sa UP Visayas Miag ao campus. Yung UPG ko po is 2.69. Yung cutoff po nila is 2.7 sa May 6-10 pa dw po malalaman kung natanggap ako. *nakakakaba* 🙁

    -Share ko lang. T.T

  9. Hello its been 2013 i have a upg of 2.168 i have inquired it on the up miagao campous but i still have no letter. can i apply for reconsideration without the letter but had confirmed my UPG?

  10. Hello po. Nakapasa po ako sa UP baguio which is my second choice at gusto ko po magfile ng reconsideration sa manila na first choice ko naman. Pwede po ba? kasi po nababasa ko sa ibang articles na kailangan ng rejection note para makapagreconsider.

    • Hi! Ang advice namin sa’yo, stay put ka na muna sa napasukan mong campus kung gusto mo talagang siguradong makapasok ng UP. Yan din malamang ang advice na ibibigay sa’yo sa admissions office. Pero kung gusto mo talaga, punta ka ng UP admissions office or UP Manila registrar’s office (for UPM specific reconsideration requirements) tapos magtanong kung ano’ng pwede at dapat mong gawin.

      Just remember, mahirap makapasok sa UP Manila dahil maliit lang syang campus. If you decide to push through with the reconsideration process (I don’t even think that’s the right term kasi for non-qualifiers lang ang reconsideration), you could be risking your UP Baguio slot for an uncertain outcome.

  11. Hello, I would like to ask like this situation.
    I have passed at UP Cebu, with my second choice, BS Management ..
    Then, i want to apply reconsideration at UP Los Banos. Is it that possible although that campus is not on my choices at my application form??
    And also, would id still be able to change also my course?
    Please email your response to my facebook account. Godbless

  12. hello po i just want to ask cung anu po ang kino consider nila pagdating sa pagbibigay ng slots sa mga waitlisted. big thing po ba sa pagbibigay ng slots ang upg at interview?

    e2 po ung upcat scores ko
    LP= 44
    RC= 14
    MATH= 40
    SCIENCE= 72
    UPG= 2.749
    ang course ko pong pinili ay ag econ at nutrition do you think i have a big chance of getting in to uplb??

  13. UPM started accepting application for reconsideration sometime February 28, 2012 and deadline was last March 16, 2012. Right, there’s a fee of P150.00 for the form. They will only allow around 500 applications. UPM cut off UPG for this year is 2.58. You have to choose 2 courses from BS and 2 courses form BA according to your choice of preference. No more interviews. Results for those who qualified will be sometime 3rd week of May, 2012. That will be based on ur UPG scores, grades and sub test scores… it will done by ranking! So, goodluck to those hopeful applicants!

  14. It was said in your site that reconsideration would start after the confirmation of slots by UPCAT passers, to quote “It is imperative that you wait for your letter to arrive before applying for reconsideration. Why? Because you will need to have your UPG score and your UPCAT subtest scores for the reconsideration process. Moreover, the reconsideration period wont even start until around the latter half of March to early April [after the confirmation of slots of those who passed, after the shiftees and transferees and sometimes the DPWAS students have been processed].”, so I started to call UP Manila for details about the reconsideration right after the deadline of confirmation. And sadly, what i thought to be the starting date of reconsideration process was actually not. They had said that the reconsideration ended last friday, March 16, the same date for the deadline of confirmation. I was a bit upset. In fact, I just got my UPCAT letter last thursday. Can you help me with this? Any help would be a great pleasure. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi JN,

      We’re sorry that you feel that our article has led – even in part – to your predicament. All we’ve ever wanted to do is help disseminate information. However, please understand that we also rely on information we’re given by resource people we call or from information we get from university/reference websites as well as discussion boards. The type of information you’ll find here also has a very short shelf-life. It gets old – easily and quickly; changes in policies can happen and we may never get wind of such changes. While we want every information we provide to be accurate and up-to-date, that’s just not possible for a free resource site like ours.

      First things first:
      Please call UP Manila and tell them you received your letter late and ask if they would reconsider accepting your reconsideration application. If that is not possible, please try other UP campuses. Call each one up and be very clear about the fact that you have received your letter too late and thus weren’t able to immediately apply for reconsideration.

      Regarding the pieces of information you cited:

      On the matter of waiting for the letter before applying for reconsideration – that remains true today. It is still imperative that one wait for his or her letter from UP so he or she will know his or her UPG and act accordingly. However, we have always urged students to follow up if they haven’t received their letter by the first week of March (we just did that at

      On the matter of the reconsideration schedule – this one we got by calling UP. We also confirmed the info through anecdotes of students, who were themselves applying for reconsideration, posted in online discussion boards. At the time this post was written (originally Aug23, 2011), this timeline was the norm. It might have changed since then; it might even be that only UP Manila changed its policies. Unfortunately, we just can’t go back to every single post in this website to update each one. What we do is rely on the students themselves to actively follow up with UP or whichever university is concerned.

      We hope everything will turn out well for you. We wish you all the best, and we thank you for calling our attention to this matter. We will update the article to reflect your experience with UP Manila.

      Best wishes,

    • Hi WHA!

      Thanks, thanks! We need more crusaders like you. We’re overwhelmed, so I hope you’ll come back from time to time and give us new updates. Tell your friends to come help, too, please? 🙂

      • Hi! May I know up to what UPG limit were reconsidered to up manila? I am a bit upset because I thought my upg of 2.37 has a chance of being accepted. My Math subtest is 90+ though… LP=89 RC=78 S=60+… Unfortunately, the our said only 90 were reconsidered this year.

        • hanggang 2.5 ang absolute cut-off nila but that depends a lot on the number of students applying for reconsideration and the slots they have available. so the greater the competition, the higher the effective cut off.

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  16. Woah. I got a 2.456 UPG back when I took the UPCAT. Does that mean I could’ve possibly been reconsidered in the Manila campus? What do you think would have been my chances for reconsideration provided that UPG? Damn it.

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