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Transferring Courses or UP Campuses Right after the UPCAT

As people, we sometimes change our minds about things, and that’s generally all right. This is sometimes seen in the way UP applicants decide to change campuses or courses.  I’m not referring to those who shift courses in the middle … Continue reading

The UPCAT Reconsideration Process

Every UP applicant knows that the application form contains a choice of two campuses.  Supposedly, this is acts as a failsafe in case the students do not meet the cut-off score for their first choice.  However, there are times when … Continue reading

UP Certificate in Fine Arts Program Admission Basics

Not all students are meant for more “academic” courses.  Others have a penchant for painting, sculpting, industrial design and what not, and that’s perfectly all right.  The good news is that UP Diliman and UP Cebu have a course for … Continue reading

UP Sertipiko sa Malikhaing Pagsulat sa Filipino Admission Basics

There are people out there who have the ability to paint pictures with words—especially in Filipino.  If this sounds like you, then you’ll be pleased to know that U.P. Diliman has a course just for you.  It’s known as the … Continue reading

UPCAT Alternatives

  It’s a good idea to prepare for the UPCAT.  Sometimes, however, people can put too much emphasis on it, especially when there are other ways of getting into UP without taking the UPCAT or without passing it.   If … Continue reading

UP Certificate in Theater Arts Program Admission Basics

There’s something about standing in front of an audience and playing out a role that appeals to certain people.  Fortunately, UP Diliman’s College of Speech Communication and Theater Arts has a Certificate Program in Theater Arts for folks who wish … Continue reading

UPCAT Takers 2011: The UPCAT Experience
UPCAT experience

These Photos and Stories were taken from the UPCAT Takers 2011 Group in Facebook, a community of senior students helping each other pass the UPCAT and other College Entrance Exams..       *** Cara Jane Somerasi UPCAT. :))) Schedule: … Continue reading

UP Certificate in Sports Studies Admission Basics

We like to think of school as an environment for developing the intellect, and rightly so.  However, there are people out there whose intelligence lies in the kinesthetic realm—we call them athletes.   The good news is that there are … Continue reading