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ACET Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension of the submission deadline for ACET requirements?

Not officially, no.  The official deadline still stands, yet the Office of Admission and Aid is willing to accept late submissions under certain conditions.  The catch is that there are currently no clear criteria for describing what those conditions are.  They tend to accept late submissions on a case-to-case basis.

If you absolutely must submit late and you have a valid excuse, sources advise students to visit the said office in person and talk things over with the available staff members.  If you have a really good reason for being late, chances are they will still accept your application, anyway.

Is there another ACET schedule?

Strictly speaking, no, there isn’t. another ACET schedule—at least not for this school year.  Like its contemporaries, the Ateneo College only holds its entrance exam once a year.  If you miss it, the next set of exam sessions will be scheduled the following year.

What do I do if I lose my ACET test permit?

If that happens, simply visit the Office of Admission and Aid and request for another one.  Don’t worry, they won’t charge you for it or ask you to submit a new set of documents. Just talk to the available staff and they will help you out.

What do I do if I forget my ACET username/password?

Technically, it’s impossible for applicants to forget their ACET username and password.  There’s one simple reason for this: the data don’t exist.

Currently, the Ateneo College only employs a manual registration system for all students.  The closest thing to an online registration system would be the option to download the application forms online.  This is only for foreign students, though, and even then, they will still need to carry out the rest of the application process manually.



Ms. Liza of the Loyola Schools Office of Admission and Aid


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  1. pwede po ba ipasa yung dati kong form sa Ateneo?..kasi po nagpapapasa po ulit ng form yung may second chance pa po..pwede po yung form ko?..sorry pero i need some information regarding this..:))

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