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Top Medical Schools in the Philippines according to board exam passing rates

These days, health-related courses are one of the most considered and populated fields of study in the tertiary level.  We chose five in-demand health studies, namely, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (OT) and Pharmacy.   As it was … Continue reading

Top Engineering Schools in the Philippines According to Board Exam Passing Rates

There are many types of engineering courses being offered in schools in the Philippines.  However, we have only selected six and came up with a list of top performing schools for each type.  These six engineering courses are Chemical Engineering, … Continue reading

USTET Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension of the submission deadline for USTET requirements? There is no official deadline extension for the requirements.  There are, however, special cases wherein the school accepts late submissions depending on the applicants’ reasons for doing so.  The … Continue reading

DLSUCET Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension of the submission deadline for DLSUCET requirements? Unfortunately, there isn’t one.  DLSU is pretty strict when it comes to submission deadlines because the testing schedule allows for batches.  In the event that an applicant misses his … Continue reading

ACET Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension of the submission deadline for ACET requirements? Not officially, no.  The official deadline still stands, yet the Office of Admission and Aid is willing to accept late submissions under certain conditions.  The catch is that there … Continue reading

UPCAT Mock Exam: Reading Comprehension

This is the 4th and final upcat sample quiz in the english subtest.  This quiz focuses on the following areas:  Coherence, Unity, Analysis and Inference. As usual, please be reminded that we do not have a timer for the quizzes … Continue reading

UPCAT Mock Test: Physics

Here is the Final UPCAT Sample Quiz in the Science Subtest. If you find any errors in the quiz, please dont hesitate to let us know about it through the comments section.  Moreover, if you have a better solution set … Continue reading

Top 11 Physical Therapy Schools in the Philippines

  The Professional Regulations Commission’s (PRC) website is the main source of data used for the table above. As it is with other fields, PRC presents its top schools in categories.  For PT, the categories used did vary but the … Continue reading

UPCAT Sample Quiz: Advanced Algebra and Statistics

Here is the Final UPCAT sample quiz for the subtest of Mathematics.     You can also post your quiz score on our Facebook fanpage so that you will see how well you fared compared to the other quiz takers.  Moreover, you … Continue reading

Top 12 Geodetic Engineering Schools in the Philippines