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UPCAT Sample Questions: Syntax and Mechanics

UPCAT Sample QuizThis is Academic Clinic’s second free English subtest quiz sample for the UPCAT and the 8th of a series of 12 UPCAT sample quizzes that includes math and science reviewers.  Please note that this quiz does not have a timer so you will have to rate yourself in this regard.  This however will automatically compute your score at the end of the quiz.  You will also be able to check your answers against the solution sets and explanations included at the end of the quiz.

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Syntax and Mechanics Quiz

This quiz is composed of the following subtests: Sentence Completion: sentences that lack a word, a group of words, or punctuation. In accordance with the rules of syntax and mechanics, choose the letter of the answer which best completes the idea of the sentence. Error Detection: sentences which may or may not have an error. Bearing in mind the rules of syntax and mechanics, choose the letter corresponding to the word or group of words that make the sentence incorrect. Correct and Effective Expression: Each item consists of a set of sentences. Considering rules of syntax and mechanics, as well as general rules of grammar, choose the correct and effective sentence from the set of sentences.
Congratulations - you have completed Syntax and Mechanics Quiz. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%% Post your Results on our Fanpage to view how well you did compared to others [UPCAT is a ranking system afterall.:D] and please dont forget to click the share button to share the quiz with your classmates!^^ ps.  you still have to adjust your scores for the UPCAT Penalty of correct - 1/4 wrong.
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  1. Congratulations – you have completed Syntax and Mechanics Quiz. You scored 21 out of 50. Your performance has been rated as Keep trying!

    OMG, my knowledge is still not enough. I don’t think so that i can pass the exam :(( Need more practice to enhance my knowledge. grrrrrrr!!

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