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UPCAT Reviewer / Sample Quiz: Diction and Vocabulary

UPCAT Sample QuizThis is the 3rd sample UPCAT english quiz in a series of 4 quizzes.  Please note that there is no timer for this quiz so you will have to asses yourself in this regard.  furthermore, the quiz is subdivided into several subtests so you will have to read the instructions carefully.  We also have sample UPCAT exams about math and science in the site if you want some practice in those area.

If you find any corrections regarding the quiz, please do let us know about it by reporting it in the comment area.  Please also share your score in our Academic Fanpage or the comments section below so that you will see how well you performed in comparison to the other students who also took the quiz.  Lastly, dont forget to share this quiz as well as the other interesting tips on our site with your friends!^^

Goodluck on your UPCAT!

Diction and Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz is made up of the following subtests: Sentence Completion: sentences that lack a word or a group of words. Choose the letter of the answer which best completes the idea of the sentence. Analogy: pairs of words that express either a synonymous or an antonymous relationship. From the choices, choose the pair that expresses a similar relationship to the given. Error Detection: statements which may or may not have errors. As you bear in mind the rules of diction, choose the letter corresponding to the word or group of words that make the sentence incorrect.
Congratulations - you have completed Diction and Vocabulary Quiz. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%% Post your Results on our Fanpage to view how well you did compared to others [UPCAT is a ranking system afterall.:D] and please dont forget to click the share button to share the quiz with your classmates!^^ ps.  you still have to adjust your scores for the UPCAT Penalty of correct - 1/4 wrong.
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55 thoughts on “UPCAT Reviewer / Sample Quiz: Diction and Vocabulary

  1. hello i’ve just checked this website. the idea of putting reviewers on some websites is nice. it is a great help for many students dreaming of UP. unfortunately, i didn’t checked this kind of website when it was our batch (the most numbered batch who took the UPCAT batch 2013) to take the UPCAT maybe, if I just saw this and take time to review myself, maybe I’m one of the 12,000 students who was very fortunate to pass the exam. Anyways, to the admin of this site, can I ask something? I’m gonna take my Transferee exam to College of Arts and Letters n UP Diliman with the chosen course, BA English Studies major in Language. Can I ask for some points to review? What are the scope of my upcoming exam? Can you help me please? I am in need to pass the transferee exam because I sacrificed my BS Mechanical Engineering studies for one year just to pursue my dream to be a student of UP and to use my skills and flaws. Can you please help me? Thank you for your concern Godbless you.

  2. Never include choices like “both a and b” and “none of the above” in tests like this… especially when the test is programmed to shuffle choices…

    Did you see the several _________ on the aquarium at the lounge?
    both a and b
    none of the above

  3. 29/50. “not bad” daw. eh sa august na ang upcat, first week pa. medyo sasabay pa sa periodical exams. Help me, God. 🙁

  4. So sleepy but tried to answer this quiz but its not an excuse for me to get 10 out of 50 Oh my…Ugh hahaha I truly need a review :O Goodbye happy vacation hello reviewers and strange words!

  5. Nakakaloka! NGA-NGA lang ako. Pang number 5 plang sumakit na ulo ko tuloy sagot nlang ako ng sagot di ko nlang binasa nkakuha pa din ako 19/50.. Hahah. So practice pa atleast alam kna ngayon anu meaning nung mga words. Ang lalim dre! HAHAHAH.
    P.S Thank you for posting this Sample Questions. God Bless. 🙂

  6. Grabe ang hirap 18/50 lang ako
    nakakatamad dahil sobrang hirap ng words
    but honestly it helps a lot
    I realize sa UP na di pwede ang common words you must explore new things around

  7. oh no,,,ganito po ba talaga kadeep ang mga words sa upcat,,,,it’s very challenging huh,,,hehe

    sana mkapasa ,,me and my classmates..just hope for the best..ryt??

  8. Congratulations – you have completed Diction and Vocabulary Quiz. You scored 42 out of 50. Your performance has been rated as Good work!

  9. I really learned a lot. I knew that I should read more. I’ll be taking UPCAT this august. I hope I’ll made it.:)

  10. hello! it really helps me a lot! I just want to ask if what is the scope of Entrance Exam in the UP College of Education?? Thank you very much! Hope you’ll help me

      • Hi Andrea,

        I’m sorry I have no information on this. However, I suggest you call the UP College of Education; if you’re lucky, they’ll tell you about the coverage of the masteral degree program entrance exam. Good luck! 🙂

  11. There is some correction to make to the introduction of this quiz. It is located in the first paragraph.
    Quote: “We also have sampke UPCAT exams about math and science in the site if you want some practice in those area.”

    The word sample was misspelled.

    • Hi Mikey,

      UPSE as in UP School of Economics? If yes, I assume you already submitted your graduate school application (deadline January 31, 2012)? As for entrance exam tips, I have none to give (unfortunately) since that’s not my graduate program and when I applied for mine, I didn’t have to take an entrance test (I had to go to a series of interviews, though). I suppose, however, that the entrance test would be mostly focused on economics and mathematics.

      In any case, hope someone from the UPSE graduate program would read this and give you entrance exam tips. I’ll also try to email the UPSE grad department; just hope they’ll reply.

    • Hi Mikey,

      I emailed the UPSE grad office and even though they’re probably very busy, they were still kind enough to give us a reply (and a very prompt one at that). To quote their reply:

      Our exam is somewhat similar to GRE plus some questions about general economics. Typical coverage is reading comprehension, analytical exercises, and writing of essay on certain economic topics.

      So there; that’s from the UPSE grad department, so that should help you prepare for the entrance exam. Good luck! 🙂

    • Hi Charina,

      Di ba maarok? 🙂 You can do it! In fact, anyone – with enough commitment and some free time – can do it. A friend of mine once memorized an entire dictionary for fun, he he.

  12. 14/50

    Very bad results. Yung mga inaasahan kong tama. Mali pla. Haha, Pero ganun pa naman. Nakakahinayang parin at hindi ako nagtake ng UPCAT dati bago pumasok sa kolehiyo. Habang buhay ko tuloy daldalhin ang pagsisisi na yun. 😀

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  14. This is quite helpful! the words are difficult and sound new to me. I realized that I still have A LOT to work on in terms of my vocabulary and grammar.

  15. I find it difficult .. The words were really deep .. Looking forward for the examination day . Hope I’d bag higher score than what I’ve got with this .

  16. the test was great but i was having difficulties to understand such highfalutin words (as i observed) …hope that my score onto this will not be the same as to that of my upcoming upcat examination 😀

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