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UPCAT Review Questions: Sample Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules Quiz

UPCAT Sample QuizHi, welcome to Academic Clinic’s Free UPCAT review regarding Parts of Speech and General Grammar Rules.  This is the first of 4 English language quizzes that we will be posting on the site.  You’ll also find other free reviewers / quizzes in this site for science and mathematics.

Unlike science and math, the language proficiency quizzes are further subdivided into several subtests so you will have to read the instructions carefully.  We also dont have any timer for the quiz so you will have to rate yourself in this regard.  If you find any corrections regarding the quiz, please dont hesitate to let us know bout it through the comments section below or on our Facebook Fanpage.  Please dont forget to post your scores too so that you will be able to compare your performance with the scores of other students who took the quiz.

Last but not the least, please dont forget to share this free reviewer with your classmates.  We also have tons of other useful information in this site and the fanpage like posts about UPCAT tips, the ultimate UPCAT guide, college scholarship guides, and more.  We hope these will help you in your transition to college.  Goodluck!^^

Language Proficiency Quiz

These are the Parts of the Quiz: Sentence Completion: sentences that lack a word or group of words. Taking account of the rules of grammar, choose the word or group of words that best fit the sentence. Correct Usage: sentences that need a word or a group of words to complete them. Choose the correct word according to the rules of grammar. Error Detection: statements that may or may not contain an error. Choose the letter corresponding to the word or group of words that makes the sentence incorrect. Choose letter E if there’s no error.
Congratulations - you have completed Language Proficiency Quiz. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%% Post your Results on our Fanpage to view how well you did compared to others [UPCAT is a ranking system afterall.:D] and please dont forget to click the share button to share the quiz with your classmates!^^ ps.  you still have to adjust your scores for the UPCAT Penalty of correct - 1/4 wrong.
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37 thoughts on “UPCAT Review Questions: Sample Parts of Speech/General Grammar Rules Quiz

  1. First Attempt: 43/55
    Second Attempt: 53/55
    Third Attempt: 53/55 Akala ko mapeperfect ko na Litsi. HAHAHA XD Saya sumagot at matuto 😀 Though hindi naman ako magti-take ng UPCAT, PNUAT lang. Pero magandang reviewer kasi ito. Hihihi. Gonna try again! I hope to have a perfect score this time. ^_^

  2. binasa ko lahat ng explenation ng mga mistakes ko.. then inulit ko yung exam.. then i got 53/55 🙂 THANKS ADMIN! 🙂 big help po..

  3. Congratulations – you have completed Language Proficiency Quiz. You scored 47 out of 55. Your performance has been rated as Good work!

    Oh well, the result of my review in English. Hoping I’ll score higher the next time!

  4. Congratulations – you have completed Language Proficiency Quiz. You scored 55 out of 55. Your performance has been rated as Perfect!

  5. 27 out of 55 may not be a good score but its a start. Now I can review my results and make the necessary adjustments to pass the quiz.

    I also appreciate how the developers have included why that particular answer is suppose to be correct or not.

    Once I get proficient at this quiz then Math is next.

  6. Gosh!…mksgot kya ako bukas?…ddn’t have enough tym 2 review.dmi activities kc sa skol….GOD PLS.HELP ME!..enlightened and enrich me wd more knowldge…

  7. thank you so much Academic-Clinic!… review served as a great help for me to keep myself on the track with different and important subject matters. Information in English, Math and Science widened my mind to have a review and a flashback with my lessons :))) thank you so much! 🙂 I hope I can pass the college tests 🙂

    • Hi Yen,

      Hope coupled with action is a powerful thing. Everyday, set aside some time for UPCAT review. Go back to your old Math, Science and Language (English/Filipino) notes. Answer practice questions; there are a great many resources online. Do all that you can and absorb as much info as you can before August to prepare yourself for the UPCAT. As long as you do everything you can to make your dream come true, you should be okay – whatever the outcome.

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