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Free UPCAT Reviewers: Modules and Readings


This is a compilation of Free Readings and Modules for the UPCAT Review.  If you want tips about the UPCAt or if you have any other questions about the UPCAT not related to the review, you can refer to this article:  Ultimate Guide to the UPCAT. If you find the free UPCAT Reviewers and the tips on our site useful, please feel free to share our website with your friends.^^  Please also “like” our Facebook Fanpage to take part in the discussions there and to be updated about the latest news and tips about the UPCAT.^^




Science Modules           Science Readings

Science Module 1             Science Readings 1

Science Module 2             Science Readings 2

Science Module 3             Science Readings 3

Science Module 4             Science Readings 4

Math Modules                 Math Readings

Math Module 1                  Math Readings 1

Math Module 2                  Math Readings 2

Math Module 3                  Math Readings 3

Math Module 4                  Math Readings 4

English Modules           English Readings

English Module 1             English Readings 1

English Module 2             English Readings 2

English Module 3             English Readings 3

English Module 4             English Readings 4

Solution Sets and Answer Keys for Quizzes

Solution Sets

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  2. thank you very much for these! what is the password for these modules and readings? i want to edit some texts on these documents.

  3. Thank you so much. pls review page 18, English reading Module 2. I spotted typographical error. … instead of “of ribbon” it said “or ribbon.”

  4. Thank you very much for the free modules and readings! =)
    But I have a problem in opening the Solution Sets and Answer Keys for Quizzes =(

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