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by Aijeleth Rances on DLSUCET Tips

UPCAT Review Center: JLT Center

UPCAT review center

UPCAT Review Price:  Php 5,000

# of Hours: 80 Hours

# of Sessions: No data

# of Students per Class: 5-10 students

# of Years in Business: 7

Passing Rate: 90%

Review Coverage / Syllabus: Science& Biology (20%), Chemistry (5%), Physics (5%), English (35%), Math (35%)

Review Materials: Center -Made

Review Slot Reservation: Many

Review Schedule Summary: April, May, June and July

Review Venues:

[Unit 306 TDS building 72 Kamias Road, Quezon CIty] [ 8 Pangilinan aptment, brgy.sampaloc, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga-Region III branch]

Add-ons/promos/discounts: 3 students package Php 4,500 / each

Office Address and Contact Information:

Telephone No: 434 0697

Cellphone Number: 0921 249 8362

Office Address: Unit 306 TDS building 72 Kamias road, Quezon City


Website: www.jltcenter.page.tl

Social Media Sites: none

Email: jltcgroup@yahoo.com

Detailed Review Schedule:

same as above

Review Reservation Details:

50% down payment  to reserve


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