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What are the Best Snacks to Bring to College Entrance Exams?



Taking and finishing an entrance exam is demanding mental work.  You’ll need some fuel reserves in order to go the distance, so make it a point to bring snacks along every time you go for a test.  Don’t just bring any snack, though—look for healthy forms of sustenance that can fortify your body and enhance your brain power.  Here are a few suggestions.


Fruits and vegetables are good due to their minerals, antioxidants and high fiber content.  Carrot sticks, for example, are easy to store, and make for great snacks.  Broccoli flowerettes are also worthy of mention.  Apples are great for keeping hunger as well as doctors away, as are raisins, grapes and other members of the berry family.


Bananas are also recommended, since they contain a lot of potassium that your body needs to function properly.  They are best taken in combination with water.  If possible, go for the saba variety, as it has a significantly greater concentration of potassium than others.


Nuts are also good snacks for entrance tests.  In fact, a handful of them provide a good amount of healthy fats and other nutrients, plus they can also decrease your appetite (which is why they’re often recommended before a meal).  Avoid the salty, greasy types, though.  Go for the raw ones instead.


Incidentally, you don’t need to go to the movies in order to enjoy popcorn.  In fact, you may even want to bring it to your college entrance exam.  Two words of warning, though: one, go for the healthier plain, air-popped variety, not the flavored, oily stuff; two, you may want to munch on these in between exam periods, as any excessive crunchiness may distract other test takers.


In closing, I leave you with this general principle: the closer food is to its original state, the healthier it is.  Bring nutritious, filling snacks with you for best results.  You can temporarily break your diet and celebrate after the exam is over.  If you’d like a more detailed discussion of brain food, kindly take a look at this article.


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