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UPCAT Schedule for AY 2012-2013 admissions

Newsflash for students currently in third year high school. We now have word on the next  UPCAT application and exam schedule. Call it UPCAT 2011 (for it would be administered this year) or call it UPCAT 2012 – call it what you will, but we’re referring to the UPCAT Application for Freshman Admission for the First Semester of the 2012-2013 academic year.

The deadlines for submitting your UPCAT application form are the following:

  • June 17, 2011 (Friday) – if you’re from a MM school
  • June 24, 2011 (Friday)- if you’re from a non-MM school

The UPCAT  for the first semester of the  2012-2013 freshmen intake year will be administered on the following dates:

  • August 6, 2011 (Saturday)
  • August 7, 2011 (Sunday)

As usual, the UPCAT will be held in various testing centers nationwide. There will be two testing schedules each day: morning and afternoon. Every UPCAT taker will be assigned to only one UPCAT testing schedule and will be assigned only to one UPCAT testing date. In other words, it’s a one-shot deal so take your UPCAT in your testing date and testing schedule.

Important: You don’t have to be in the top 10 percent (or top-whatever-percent) of your class to take the UPCAT. The UPCAT is open to everyone (as long as specific non-grade eligibility requirements are satisfied, of course).

Source: UP Academic Calendar for AY 2011-2012


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68 thoughts on “UPCAT Schedule for AY 2012-2013 admissions

  1. hi po. gusto ko lang po itanong kung paano po mag apply for transfer to UP for next year 2013? third year college po. pls painform naman po. salamat 🙂

  2. Hi Admin,

    Could you please create an article which tackle about “How to get into UP if you’re a transferee”.

    The mentioned articles should give brief answer & concise explanation for the following questions :
    1. What are the basic information in transferring to UP?
    2. What are the required documents and general qualification
    to transfer in UP? I know it’s all depend on what department or course you decided to take into… right? But still some basic details or a sum-up of everything are requested—> much appreciated if available! (kulit galore).
    3. When to transfer? What are the needed exams, interviews or any processes that a certain transferee will undergone in order to quality or be processed?

    Looking forward to your reply…..
    I’m eager to hear something from you…. thanks in advance!

  3. ask ko lang po paano po ung nakapag first year college na tapos lilipat sa UP pero ibang course ang kukunin sa UP. magtetake pa po ba ng UPCAT?

  4. I am currently an exchange student po here in United States and I’ll be back in the Philippines before the UPCAT. What i did was fill up the application forms and send it to my parents, who are in the Philippines right now, and they will fill out the rest and also ask my school to fill out the section intended for them to fill out. So, here’s my question, is it gonna affect the said 40% UPG when I submit the grades that i got here in US? And i am from a science oriented public high school in one of the provinces in the Philippines and also part of a minority group, will i ever get the said UPCAT bonus, the 0.05%, even though i am an exchange student? Thank you and more powers! 🙂

  5. ask me lang po kailan po b ang kuhanan ng form ng upcat sa ngayon po 3rd year high school n po ang anak me ,,this coming year 20012 4rth year n po cia.tenx po..

  6. ..need help.!…I’m a high school graduate and stopped this year…I want to take the UPCAT for the 1st semester of the 2012-2013 academic year but I wasn’t able to submit UPCAT application form ‘coz I didn’t know that last June 2011 was the deadline…Is there another way for me to be able to study in UP nxt yr?..pls help me..thanks…

  7. ..i just want to ask..kailan po ang deadline ng pagpapasa ng application form sa TUP?at kailan po ung exam?wala po kcng nakalagay sa website nila eh..ndi updated..

    salamat po sa mgreresponse.. 🙂
    it is much appreciated.. 😀

    • Hi Ma’am,

      Anong taon po ba magka-college yung anak nyo? Is it School Year / Academic Year 2013-2014?

      Next year’s UPCAT should take place in August of 2012; the UPCAT always takes place in August. That exam would be for incoming college freshmen in School Year 2013-2014. Deadlines for applying for the August 2012 UPCAT should fall around mid to late June.

      For Academic Year 2012-2013, the UPCAT is over. It took place in August 2011 and results should be out around January – February.

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  9. Hi! I would like to request a copy of your schedule of exam and schedule of classes year 2012-2013 for Masteral of Industrial Relations (Plan A and Plan B)


  10. Hi! I’m gonna be taking UPCAT on August 14, 12:30 PM.
    I was assigned to take the exam in Institute of Mathematics Bldg. I’d be commuting from the city hall (Tandang Sora). How can I go to that building if I’m just going to commute by jeep o what would I say to the taxi on where he should send me? Your reply would mean a lot. I’m puzzled about this. THANK YOU! 🙂

  11. diba yung UPCAT right minus wrong?? ….. so what if yung mga hindi mo alam na answers sa ibang questions iniwan mong blank.. is it counted as wrong?? xD

      • it was said na,,hulaan na lang kung hindi talaga alam,,coz machine ang gamit nila sa pag check,ahm,okay ill put it this way,,e.g u left number 3 blank,,the machine MIGHT read your number 4 answer,edi mali na lahat,got it,,so better meron ,20 to 25% chance na tama din yun

  12. hi kailan ko po malalaman kung kailan ako naka schedule eh di pa po nadating ung permit ko galing UPLB ..

  13. paano po kapag gusto mag-transfer tapos magshishift ng course?
    business administration student po kasi ako sa PUP gusto ko po sana mag transfer para mkapag shift sa AB Comm Arts. possible po ba?

  14. hi,, po im a 3rd year student- going 4th yr this opening,i live here in mindanao, sultan kudarat tacurong city… i heard that student take up UPCAT entrance exam in polotechnic tacurong, isulan im asking how can i get an application so i can take an entrance exam?? can i get it from the school here?, i will download it in the net?, will i fill-up application online? or will i go to a UP branch to get it??? which is better pls… reply i really want to study in UP.

  15. hello po.pnu po ung sa high school records.kulang-kulang po ung sken dun sa final grades.ex po dun sa grades ko sa biology nilagay po nila sa line ng science 2ndyr.possible po ba yun? kht di nklagay sa line ng biology? thanks.pls reply


    • As per my daughter’s review center,isang upcat lang sa lahat ng branches,Sa test result malalaman kung saan branch ka pwede.I think UP-manila ang pinakaMataas ang required qualifying score/percentage,followed by Diliman,LosBanos,Baguio,Mindanao respectively

  17. i’am a third year student ..going to 4th year .. other said that we can get the upcat application in the schools guidance councilor .. but ,how about if our guidance councilor has no more enough application to give …?

  18. Hi! I saw you can download the UPCAT Forms here on this site. Can I just print them on my own, or do I need the ones from UPD?

  19. Hi po . I’m from a not-so-popular city of Mindanao po, 4th year na po ko ngayong June and gusto ko po sanang mag-aral sa UP ( Diliman or Manila sana ) pag college ko. Paano po ba? Ano po bang mga requirements ? At gusto ko rin po sanang malaman kung saan at kelan yung UPCAT? Malayo po talaga kasi itong lugar namin, pero willing naman po akong magtravel sa pinakamalapit na venue ng pagttake-an ng UPCAT.(pipilitin ko po parents ko) hehe .

    • You can personally go to a UP Branch to get the forms needed for UPCAT or wait for them to be available in UP-M’s website. You can also ask a form to your school’s guidance counselor :))

    • You can personally go to a UP Branch to get the forms needed for UPCAT or wait for them to be available in UP’s website. You can also ask a form to your school’s guidance counselor :))

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