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TUP University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

Last updated: March 12, 2011

In a previous article, I discussed the details of a scholarship offered by the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP).  Of course, your first order of business is to get into the school before you can even think of applying for a scholarship there.

That’s what this next article is all about.  If learning geeky stuff is your cup of tea, then read on to know how you can sign up.

TUP Introduction

The school started out as the Manila Trade School way back in 1901.  It was then transformed into the Philippine School of Arts and Trades in 1910 before becoming the Philippine College of Arts and Trades in 1959.  Nineteen years later, the learning institution eventually settling into its current incarnation:  the four campuses of the Technological University of the Philippines.

TUP’s main thrust involves growth and development through technology, especially in the rural areas.  Simply put, it is the school to attend if you’re interested in pursuing technical, industrial and/or engineering-related studies.
TUP Admission Requirements

The university has six basic requirements for potential pupils:

  1. They need to pass the oral (interview) and written (entrance) exams.
  2. They must present either Form 138 (their high school report card) or Form 137
  3. They also need to present certification of good moral character.
  4. They should meet the grade requirements of the course they’ve applied to.  That means a minimum of 80% in English, Science and Math for Architecture, Engineering and other science-related courses.
  5. They must be physically and mentally fit.

TUP Application Process

The first thing applicants need to do is to obtain the TUP Application Form from the TUP Admissions Office or download it from their website.  Once they complete it, they can present it along with two recent 1 ½ x 1 ½ colored ID photos to the Admission Personnel.  From there, they’ll need to pay a non-refundable, 375-peso testing fee at the Cashier’s Office and get their receipt.

After that, it’s back to the Admissions Office to get their test permit.  The permit will contain the time, date and venue for the exam, as well as additional instructions they’ll need to follow.  After that, all they have to do is to await the actual exam.

TUP Entrance Exam Schedule

The university currently administers its entrance test during every last Sunday of the month from November to April.

TUP Provincial Application/Testing Process

There’s virtually no difference between the provincial and NCR applications in terms of procedure.  The school may be able to work out an alternative venue for the provincial applicant in certain cases (To know more about those “certain cases”, kindly contact the college itself.).  In general, though, TUP will ask provincial applicants to register online and take the exam in one of the established campuses of their choice.

Release of TUP Entrance Exam Results

Hopeful students may check with the school three weeks after they take the test.  Results are usually posted at the school’s CAS Building Lobby.  Moreover, TUP Manila posts the official lists of qualified freshman applicants at the lobby of the Arts and Sciences Building.

Alternatively, you can visit the TUP website and check the results online (at least, the ones conducted in the Manila campus) courtesy of the Freshmen Query Form.  Go to this webpage and enter the relevant information to verify the results.

Please note that the database only contains the names of those who’ve passed the entrance test, as well as those who’ve qualified for their second choice courses.  Thus, you may still need to call or visit the school.
General TUP Exam Coverage

Like its contemporaries, the entrance test covers subjects that high school students have encountered already (standard issue Science, Math, English, etc.), so there’s no need to worry about calculus, quantum physics or the like.

The last step of the application process involves a face-to-face interview after the written exam.  Its schedule will depend on the applicants’ batches—that is, the exact date when they took the written exam.

TUP Admissions Office Contact Information

Kindly contact Ms. Rosemary Cruz or Professa Emma Taar for more details on the application process.  The former may be reached at (+632) 302-7750 local 606 or 603.  The latter may be reached via the same local numbers or at (+632) 525-0675 or 524-4721. The Manila branch is located along Ayala Boulevard in Ermita.


Professor Emma Taar of the Admissions Office

Ms. Rosemary Cruz of the Student Affairs Office

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12 thoughts on “TUP University Application and Entrance Exam Basics

  1. Hi Admin,

    Just want to confirm if ongoing pa un acceptance ng applicants for this coming SY?iIf I’ll be taking-up BSIT course, will you require an average of 80% passing grade for the major subjects?if ever po transferee ako and already finished an associate degree..and I’m very interested to pursue my bachelor’s degree in your school. Hope to hear from you soon!!


    • Hi Jerkins,

      From what we know – yes, it’s still ongoing. To apply for admission and for specific information on the application process, please contact TUP directly. You’ll see their contact info in the above post. Good luck! :)

  2. Good day! just want to know if your accepting transferees? what are the basic requirements b4 taking the entrance exam? I think I’ll be back to zero cause I’ve stop college for about 7 years, now I’d like to study again and take I.T pls. let me know further instructions thanks a lot I’ll be glad to have your reply. thank you po!

    • Hi KC,

      You can read about the basic entrance exam requirements in the above post. For specific registration and application information, however, you must contact TUP directly. Good luck! :)

    • Hi Maryz,

      Nagsimula na sya nung November 27. The entrance test is usually administered every last Sunday of the month; this typically continues until April. Please check with the TUP campus in which you’re interested for particulars and to get an application form.

    • Hi Ma. Cristina,

      Pa-reconsider ka. Try mong tawagan ang office of admissions para malaman ang mga puwede mong gawin para makapag-aral sa TUP. Good luck! :)

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