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Free UPCAT Review: UPCAMP by UP IE Club

When I mention the phrase “UPCAT review” to you, what usually goes through your head?  Extra expenses?  Study sessions along Katipunan Avenue?  Those are part and parcel of the overall picture, but they’re not all there is to it.

The good news is that not all UPCAT reviews require payment; nor are they limited to far-flung provincial areas.  Case in point: the UPCAMP of the Diliman campus’ Industrial Engineering Club (henceforth referred to as the IE Club).  Read on to know more about it.

Org Background

The IE Club was founded in 1967, and since then, it became a recognized and respected organization of the UP College of Engineering.  The organization’s roster swells to more than a couple of hundred members each school year.

Its participation in various meaningful activities (including the aforementioned UPCAMP) has earned it such prestigious awards as the Engineering Organization Excellence Award and a slot in the National Youth Commission’s Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.

Org UPCAT Review Background

The IE Club designed the UPCAMP as a bridge program.  Its purpose is to provide free career guidance services and free entrance exam reviews for deserving seniors of different Quezon City high schools.

The program was first conducted in 2002 and is still being carried out every year.  Through the UPCAMP, the IE Club hopes to accomplish at least three objectives:  one, teach up to 150 students across several sessions; two, grant these students a 100 percent passing rate; three, develop a sense of “personal care” in them.

Review Venue

The camp is usually held at a Quezon City high school.  The IE Club conducted the 2010 edition of UPCAMP at Don A. Roces High School.

Registration Requirements

Students must meet three main requirements in order to participate in the camp:

  • They must be public high school students in their third or fourth year of secondary education.
  • They need to belong to the top 10% of their batch.
  • They must have plans to apply for a college of their choice.

The IE Club usually only accepts students from the host school and other invited schools, students from other schools and special cases (walk-ins, extra students, non-registration compliant students) may also be allowed on a case-to-case basis at the discretion of the club.


The UPCAMP review usually focuses on the four main UPCAT test sections.  These are further subdivided into the following topics:

  • Math
    • Algebra
    • Word Problems
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
  • Language Proficiency
    • English
    • Filipino
  • Reading Comprehension
    • English
    • Filipino
  • Science
    • General Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

The program consists of a diagnostic exam and lectures.  Hand-outs will also be given to the participants.

The logistics process is as follows:  assigned IE Club members divide the student community into nine sections, with four of them being the Honor sections (reserved for the top 40 performers on the diagnostic exam).  One to two tutors from the club are assigned to each section. Any further arrangements may be made according to the tutors’ discretion.


Registering for the UPCAMP is as simple as sending an SMS or e-mail message to the IE Club members in charge.  The message must express one’s desire to attend the camp.  IE Club folks will send out invites to students and their schools, anyway, so the confirmation message is all that’s really needed.

Review Schedule

The most recent review schedule in 2010 took place on June 19 and every Saturday thereafter up to July 24.  Each session was conducted from eight in the morning till one in the afternoon.

The one for 2011 is still being planned, so kindly check with IE Club Committee Members for details.

Contact Details

For additional details on the UPCAMP and the IE Club in general, feel free to contact the following people:

Contact Person Title Mobile Number E-mail Address
Arjay Cansana President 0927-6289780 arjay.cansana@upieclub.net
Mico Carino VP, AcadComm 0915-9857590 mathboy_pb@yahoo.com


Kenneth Ednalino 2010 Project Manager 0916-5008494 lunaizers@yahoo.com


Arjay Cansana of the UP IE Club

Mico Carino of the UP IE Club

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