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Marikina Science High School Admissions Basics

There are a lot of things in life that come in handy sets of two.  The philosophy of yin and yang, the moral absolutes of good and evil and the concepts of light and darkness, heat and cold are good examples of this principle at work.

Interestingly enough, one science high school also comes in a dual package.  Marikina Science High School, also known affectionately as Marisci, is subdivided into a main building and an annex.  Likewise, its application process also incorporates the magic number two.  We’ll take a closer look at it in this article.

Standard Issue Screening

The screening process is rather straightforward.  It consists of a two-step process involving a written exam and an oral exam (their term for the standard issue face-to-face interview).  The first step will test the applicants’ academic proficiency; the second step will gauge how well the students can express themselves when they are placed on the hot seat.

Whenever you apply at a science high school, it is highly recommended that you keep a close eye on your grade school grades, especially in such subjects as Mathematics, Science and English.  These are the subjects of interest, though they are by no means the only things that the school will scrutinize.

MariSci’s academic standards for applicants are very similar to those of its fellow schools—it is required that all applicants maintain a minimum average of 85 (or its equivalent) in the three aforementioned subjects, with no grade lower than 80 in all the others.

Applicants must also submit the following:

  • Proof of Markina City residency
    • Proof of billing (water/electric bills, etc.)
    • Postal ID
    • Driver’s ID
    • Voter’s ID
  • A photocopy of Form 138 (the grade school report card)

They will receive the application form after turning everything in.

Application Timetable Lowdown

Like its contemporaries, MariSci’s application process for school year 2010-2011 will begin in the latter quarter of 2010—in November, to be precise.  This is when the school will release flyers containing all the information you need to know (dates to remember, requirements, etc.)

When I first got in touch with the school, I was told that the estimated final deadline period for submitting all the necessary documents would fall on the first week of January 2011.  The school’s written entrance exam was tentatively set on the first Saturday of that month.

This means that the exam results may be out by the third or fourth week of January 2011.  The interview in early February 2011 will follow, the results of which may be revealed around the third week of that same month.  After that, all that’s left is to wait for the enrolment period in April 2011.

These may no longer apply in the light of new developments, so please check with the school registrar whose contact details I have listed below.

Contact Details

Sources have informed me that the complete details of the final application schedule should be available by middle to late October 2010.  To inquire, simply call the MariSci Registrar’s Office (02) 647-4262 and ask for Miss Nancy Suegay.  You may also e-mail her at

For those who prefer the classic face-to-face inquiries, the Admissions Office is located in the main building of the school, which is itself situated along Mayor Juan Chanyungco Street, Santa Elena, Marikina City (near the city hall).  The annex building lies along Panama Street, Greenheights Subdivision, Concepcion Uno.

For more info, please refer to the following:  Marikina Science HighSchool Admissions Primer


Ms. Nancy Suegay of the Marikina Science High School Admissions Office


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Marikina Science High School Admissions Basics

    • We don’t have the dates yet. Historically, application for MariSci admission starts in November, and admission information and schedule is typically released around mid-October (or later).

      For more info, please get in touch with MariSci’s Registrar at (02) 647-4262. Look for Miss Nancy Suegay.

  1. Hey, Im a Grade 5 student of a public school. Me and my 2 friends will try to take the test here in Marikina Science High School. I hope that you can give us tips how to apply in this school, and what do we need to review about. and what is the book you used to review. Thanks alot if you can reply.

  2. I’m an alumni of MariSci so I’m giving tips
    1.) If you came from a private school, this will be tough for you because you need to adjust from a ‘public’ school environment. Practice your social skills.
    2.) Be sure to have money for books (first year students). In case you came from a poor family, this is the time to prepare for the books. It’ll cost you around 5000. Subscribe also to the school paper.pamplets like budyong and stuff.
    3.) There’s a lot of projects. and you will experience sleep deprivation. So have a time management.

    Disclaimer : Ask some former students of MariSci too for tips.

  3. Hello po 🙂 Gusto ko po talagang mag-aral sa MARISCI kaso 84 lang po yung average ko ngayong 2nd Quarter. pwede po bang bawiin ko yung grades ko sa 3rd Quarter? pleaaasse.

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