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KPI Academic Scholarships for Financially Challenged Filipino Youths

With the qualifications I mentioned in the previous articles, you may be tempted to think that Kabataang Pilipino, Inc. (KPI) is always on the lookout for applicants with “special” needs or abilities.

That’s not necessarily the case, however.  As the last scholarship variant will bear out, the institution also accepts applicants with classic academic smarts, artistic ability and physical handicaps aside.  Read on for more details.

Scholarship Details

1. Background:

As with all KPI scholarships, this grant goes to Filipino applicants from the elementary, high school, college and vocational levels, specifically those who have proven their academic expertise.  This is probably the most standard of all the three scholarship variants that KPI has to offer.

2. Qualifications:

Applicants will qualify for any of KPI’s scholarships provided they meet the following standards:

  • Applicants must not have an immediate relative who has been a former KPI scholar.
  • Their family’s gross annual income must not exceed 100,000 pesos.
  • They must believe in the part of education in developing the country.
  • They must be willing and able to carry their education through to completion.

The more specific qualifications are as follows:

Elementary, high school and college applicants must:

  • have a minimum general weighted average of 85% (or its equivalent) in the year immediately prior to the date of application
  • be either incoming fourth graders or incoming high school freshmen at application time
  • be endorsed by the adviser and/or principal of the school where they are studying or the school they hope to attend

College applicants, on the other hand, should:

  • have a general weighted average of at least 85% (or its equivalent).  Alternatively, they should have no failing grades on all subjects.  These conditions apply to the school year immediately prior to their application.
  • be at least an incoming freshman at the time of the scholarship grant

Finally, vocational applicants who intend to pursue IT-related courses (web designing, programming and the like) will receive first priority, though the KPI Board of Trustees may consider other courses on a case-to-case basis.

3. Necessary Paperwork:

KPI will also need the following documents:

  • the completed application form
  • a certificate of residency from the applicant’s barangay of residence and any two of the applicant’s past instructors (or any alternative and verifiable character references)
  • a certificate of good moral character obtained from the sources mentioned above
  • a BIR-validated Income Tax Return form, or any other proof of income, issued or certified by the applicant’s barangay of residence
  • a handwritten Letter of Request for Scholarship addressed to the Kabataang Pilipino Board of Trustees.  Letters in English are preferred, though those written in Filipino or in the applicant’s dialect are also acceptable.
  • the formal Kabataang Pilipino Covenant of Partnership.  This is a contract signed by both KPI and the grantee’s parents or legal guardian(s).  It only applies if the committee has already selected the applicant.

4. General Schedule and Procedure:

The application process for all KPI scholarships follows a general schedule:  April 01 to April 30 of each calendar year is set aside for high school and college student applications on their first term.  October 1 to 31 is usually blocked off for college students on their second semester term applications.

College students who are working with trimesters instead may apply a month before the beginning of each trimester.  Finally, vocational students have no schedule restrictions, and may apply any time during the year.

Applying is simple and straightforward:  simply mail in the documents enumerated above to:  Kabataang-Filipino, Inc., Block 80, Lot 6, N. Aquino Street, Barangay Laram, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines 4023.

Program Privileges

Scholars will get different amounts of financial assistance depending on their educational level and the amount of funds available to KPI.  They may use these benefits as allowances, tuition subsidies or payments for miscellaneous school fees.  Note that KPI credits the money through Banco de Oro cash cards, so applying for a personal card is absolutely necessary.

As of the time of this writing, elementary students receive an annual amount of 4000 pesos while their high school counterparts receive 7000 pesos every school year.  College students also get different benefits depending on their school system:  scholars who work with a semester system get 5000 pesos per semester, while those whose schools go by trimester receive 4000 pesos per trimester instead.

Finally, vocational students will receive 4000 pesos, except they receive it per course instead of per year.

Scholar Obligations

Students will need to do a number of things to maintain their scholarships.  One responsibility involves turning in true copies of their grades a week after the grading period, semester or trimester commences.  Photocopies are also acceptable in the event that true copes aren’t available, provided the former are backed up by the original copies of their report cards.

Speaking of grades, KPI frowns upon failing grades in any subject.  Elementary and high school scholars need to keep their general weighted averages at a minimum of 85%.  Their college and vocational level counterparts need to keep their averages at 2.50 or higher.

Failing to meet these requirements will result in unfortunate consequences.  For example, benefits may be withheld until such a time when the scholars have improved their performance.  Scholars may be placed on probation status, or in worst case scenarios, have their scholarships terminated.

In case you’re wondering, probation status means that KPI will keep a closer eye on the erring scholars.  Students who continuously perform well will be returned to regular status, while those who don’t are booted out of the scholarship.

Furthermore, students are may only be placed on probation once during a school year.  The maximum number of times they may receive that status during their entire scholarship period is three times.  Any more than that will automatically cancel their scholarship.

Lastly, KPI will require all students to attend and participate in different extra-curricular activities to enhance their learning experience.  These include workshops, tours, conventions and other events.

KPI Contact Details

The KPI Board of Trustees has the option of modifying any of its scholarship details, so checking with the organization every so often is a good idea.  KPI may be reached at phone number (+632) 868-8117 or via e-mail at inquiry@kpfi.org or info@kpfi.org.  For personal visits, the office of the Executive Director is located at 85 Camia Street, Sto. Rosario Subdivision, Pateros, Metro Manila.


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, Academic-Clinic.com makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides.

Academic-Clinic.com has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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  1. good day, i just only want to apply for scholarship i’am on the high school and have a good grades, my family can’t afford my needs in school that’s why i ask for your help, hope that this group can help me, thank you.

  2. Gusto ko sana magrant ng scholarship ang anak ko. Pero d ata makokompleto ang requirements kc wala akong ITR. Sana mapagbigyan nyo ang anak ko, ang general average nya ay 92.80 wala po akong source of income dependent po kami sa papa nya pero nawalan xa ng trabaho ngayon kaya nagtitinda lng ako ng kung ano ano. Nag aaral po xa sa san antonio elementary school grade 4 ngayon dito po sa noveleta cavite. Sana po mapagbuksan nyo kami ng pinto nyo at matulungan nyo kami.

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