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UPCAT Review and Reviewers – Free at our FB Fanpage

Academic-Clinic is holding informal UPCAT review sessions at our Facebook Fan Page. You can join us in our cram sessions anytime. If you need free reviewers, we also provide downloadable PDF copies of our UPCAT review modules there. The informal review and the reviewers are all free.

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11 thoughts on “UPCAT Review and Reviewers – Free at our FB Fanpage

  1. buti pa kayo, nung panahon namin, walang mga review review :DD less burden ngayon ah? GB sa lahat ng maguupcat! Right now, i’ll be welcoming the future iskos and iskas :DD

    • Hi!

      Thanks for visiting and participating in the discussion. We will appreciate it very much if you can visit from time to time and answer some of our aspiring freshies’ questions. You may even contribute some UP tips and UPCAT-related articles if you wish; just email us. 🙂

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