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Paranaque Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

The world and its wonders never cease to amaze me.  Sometimes, something as commonplace as a science high school timetable can get me scratching my head.  One notable example was that of TaSci and its extremely short application schedule.

When I wrote the article on that school, I thought the peculiarities would end there.  Apparently, I was wrong. Paranaque Science High School (ParSci for short) has put a new spin on the usual chronological process of high school applications.  Read on to see what I mean.

Paranaque Science High School Admission Requirements

Like most of its contemporaries, ParSci will likely start its application period in November 2010.  Consequently, the deadliest deadline for turning in all required documents will fall around the end of January 2011.

The documents in question are fairly standard.  For one thing, the students’ report cards covering the first and second grading periods of the year should be there.  ParSci requires that applicants possess a minimum average of 85 (or its equivalent) in all subjects.

Besides that, the school will also ask for a written certification of good moral character and proof of billing.  The latter must indicate that the applicants’ and their guardians are actually Paranaque residents.

Paranaque Science High School Application Schedule

Interestingly, ParSci is the first science high school I’ve heard of that puts the interview before the written exam.  Applicants will face the music in January 2011, around a week before the test.  Furthermore, sources have mentioned that the interview is more of a formality—meaning students will take the exam regardless of how it turns out.

The written test is the true measure of the applicants’ level of competence, and is expected to take place in February 2011.  Diligent students need not worry, though.  It’s basically still a measure of how well they have mastered their grade school subjects:  English, Science, Mathematics and Filipino.  A fifth subject, called Makabayan (aka Social Studies) will also be included.

The results of the test should be out by April 2011.  The student orientation will also be held later during the same month, yet its final schedule will really depend on the discretion of the DepEd Division Office.  The final step is the enrolment process in May or June.

Paranaque Science High School Contact Details

Ms. Flor Fajardo of the ParSci Admissions Office estimates that the final, complete application timetable details should be ready by around the second week of October 2010.  It’s highly recommended that you check with her for updates.  Kindly call her telefax number at (02) 825-9308.

For those interested in visiting the Admissions Office, there’s one last thing you should know for now:  there are plans for ParSci to break off from the main complex of the Paranaque National High School and become an independent science high school in its own right.  This entails moving it to a new location as well—possibly to Barangay Santo Nino, near Santo Nino Elementary School and the Paranaque Community College.


The word is that the transfer may take place in July 2010.  That’s still subject to change, though, depending on the Mayor’s Office. As of now, the school is located along Kay Talise Street, Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Sucat, Paranaque City.


Ms. Flor Fajardo of the Paranaque Science High School Admissions Office



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17 thoughts on “Paranaque Science High School Entrance Exam Schedule

    • I’m not sure they have admission exams for grade 8 (it’s more likely admission exams are given for incoming grade 7 students). However, you may inquire directly with Parañaque Science High School at:

      Address: Col.E.L.De Leon, Parañaque, Kalakhang Maynila
      Telephone Number: (02) 478-9852
      Email: paranaquescience1990@gmail.com

      You may also try this old contact info we have for ParSci Admissions: (02) 825-9308

  1. Good day. when is the entrance exam for next year’s incoming freshmen? What are the reuirements? Will greatle appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  2. Good day! when is the entrance exam for school year 2013? can my daughter can still take entrance exam? thank you.

  3. what if i reside near the paranaque, here in sucat muntinlupa? can my child apply for the entrance exam of PArsci. thnks

    • According to the procedures outlined in the post, it seems that applicants’ grades are assessed for eligibility before they are even allowed to take the exam. This probably means that, if you’re allowed to take the exam, you’re eligible (i.e. that your grades correspond to or exceed the required minimum) – ergo, grades should no longer be an issue after the exam.

      Since we can’t be certain, however, we advise you to call the ParSci Admissions Office directly to get an exact answer to your question. You can find ParSci’s contact number and contact person in the above article.

  4. hi po pwede po bang mag tanong kung kailan ung entrance exam ngayon january sa first year pupunta po kami dyan pero di ko pa po alm kung kailan sorry po ah ngayon ko lang po kasi natuklasan eh!!!!!!!:)

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