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U.P. UPG Cut-Off Scores and Reconsideration

Sometimes, your best laid plans to study at the University of the Philippines can go awry.  Fortunately, there’s always a possibility of asking the school authorities to reconsider your case, or applying at a sister campus other than your original choice.

There are some things you should know about the UPCAT UPG cut-off figures, though.  Before you apply for reconsideration or apply at another U.P. branch, kindly consider the following.

How it Works

Simply put, different U.P. campuses have different UPG cut-off scores for both the UPCAT itself and any appeals for reconsideration. (i.e., students who don’t make the cut-off for their original U.P. branch of choice can try applying at an alternative branch whose cut-off they do meet.).

The values can go higher or lower depending on which campus you visit.  Pending cases and cases of “degree course with available slot” may also take advantage of this option.  The only exception is the Diliman branch, which doesn’t entertain reconsideration requests at all.

Do note that even after you file an appeal for reconsideration, acceptance at these sister institutions isn’t guaranteed.  Factors such as slot availability, high school marks, your socio-economic status and other things on the school authorities’ priority list can effectively make or break an application.

UP Cut Off Grades or Scores

The cut-off UPG scores for the U.P. sister campuses are listed below.  The number on the left refers to the UPCAT cut-off standard, while the number on the right refers to the cut-off for reconsideration appeals:

  • U.P. Diliman:  2.2 (only for the UPCAT; reconsideration is not applicable)
  • U.P. Manila:  2.285 – 2.5
  • U.P. Baguio:  2.659 – 2.574
  • U.P. Tacloban:  2.7 – 2.7
  • U.P. Cebu:  2.7 – 2.7
  • U.P. Iloilo:  2.7 – 2.7
  • U.P. Mindanao:  2.75 – 2.75
  • U.P. Los Banos:  2.42 – 2.8

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the U.P. numbering system, kindly note that the absolute values of the UPG numbers above are in inverse proportion to their perceived value.  In other words, the smaller the numbers are, the better they are in the U.P. system, and the more stringent they are as cut-off grade requirements.

Other Considerations

The U.P. system has also been known to adjust the cut-off values, sometimes on an annual basis.  The adjustment depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • the number of available slots in that campus
  • the number of students who have selected that branch as their first priority
  • the relative average of the batch of test takers for that particular year.

Thus, a low number of passers might lead school authorities to lower a campus’ cut-off score, sometimes at a moment’s notice.  It’s best, therefore to regularly check with the U.P. campus you’re interested in for updates.

There’s another factor at play here.  U.P. draws 70% of incoming freshmen from the top ranking UPCAT takers.  It draws the remaining 30% from students coming from public high schools and minority groups.  That means if you have close to a hundred thousand applicants taking the test every year, only a fraction of that (the word going around estimates it 10% of that, or around a thousand) will be selected.

The lesson is this:  the UPG may be a major factor in determining the success of your application, but it is by no means the only one.  If you meet the UPG requirements and you still don’t get into the campus of your choice, trust that God will open other doors for you.

Note (April 13, 2011):

Please note that we cannot and will continue to refrain from giving definite answers when asked to speculate on a student’s chances of getting reconsidered to a UP campus.

University cut-off scores continually change, but we can base our recommendations only on the UPG cut-off scores already stated in this post. Please always keep this in mind whenever you ask us a question about UP  reconsideration.

For reconsideration hopefuls, the best advice we can give you is to immediately call the office of the registrar of whichever UP campus you wish to be reconsidered in –  first, to get things moving sooner rather than later (when it might be too late) and second, to get the clearest picture of your reconsideration chances.

We wish you all the best of luck!! 🙂

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While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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133 thoughts on “U.P. UPG Cut-Off Scores and Reconsideration

  1. good eve po. ask ko lang po kung nag iba ang cut-off grade ng UPLB kase and UPG ko ay 2.871 and i didn’t applied with this campus. can i transfer and reconsiderate my UPG for my admission?

  2. Good day!

    I’d like to ask, I recently got the UPCAT score and my UPG is 2.361, therefore, did not pass UP Diliman, but UP Manila, my second choice, has the UPG cutoff of 2.28-2.5, does that mean that I am still qualified for UP Manila?

  3. my language proficiency percentile is 24, reading comprehensive is 51, mathematics is 40 and science is 46. and my upg is 2.791. Can I still be recon in up los banos (forestry)

  4. Hello po, kailangan po ba talagang intayin ung letter ng up? Kasi po may nakausap po ako na kinuha nila ung result nila sa mismong UP, may 500 daw pong babayaran…..pwede po ba un kasi di naman po lahat nabibigyan ng letter eh……please help po TY

  5. yung reconsideration po ba na irerequest is kapag di naqualify sa first choice na campus, dun magpapareconsider para sa second choice na campus? e kung pasok naman po ang UPG sa second choice na campus, di po ba automatic na pasok na sya sa campus, at yung choice of course nalang ang for screening?

  6. my first choice of campus is up diliman but my UPG is only 2.738 and i have read that the cut off for up los banos is 2.42-2.8 and that is my second choice of campus but still i did not qualify. Why?

  7. hello just got my letter from up and my upg is 2.289 and my subtest scores are as follows:
    Math 84
    Reading 94
    Science 95
    Language 73
    planning to apply for recon in up manila. do you think i stand a good chance of getting in coz i only wanted to study in up and i did not apply to any other school. thanks.

    • Unfortunately, we can’t say. You really just have to go and apply to find out. A lot of factors will come into play – most important of which are the number of available slots and your competition for reconsideration (specifically your competitors’ UPGs and subtest scores). So please apply for reconsideration – and do it immediately.

  8. My UPG is 2.349 and the UPG cut-off for UPLB is 2.8. I consulted their site and downloaded their Wait List Criteria. I found out that the minimun subtest score for Science of BA Communication Arts is 60 but I only got 48. I am higly qualified on other subtests since I got 95 on Language Proficiency and 89 on Reading Comprehension. Is there still a possibility that they will consider my request?

    • UPLB is rather strict when it comes to its reconsideration criteria (including subtest scores). That being said, you should call UPLB and ask them directly.

  9. hello po.!
    my UPG score is 2. 550..
    Am I allowed to take the reconsideration process sa UPLB….But my Percentile score in math and science is not as high….

    • You have a chance to be reconsidered as long as you fit the reconsideration eligibility requirements (you’re within the reconsideration UPG cut-off – which you are – you chose UPLB as a campus, your subtest scores are as high as or higher than the subtest scores required by your chosen courses). However, admission cannot be guaranteed. It still depends on slot availability and the competition.

  10. gusto ko lang pong itanong kung kunwari nameet mo yung cut off sa UP LB, meron po bang standard ang bawat course? what if hindi nameet nung score mo yung gusto mong course? at sino po yung main priorities nila para sa reconsideration? yung may pinakamataas po bang score?

    thank you po 🙂

  11. Hi po. Magpapa reconsider po ako sa LB. Ang UPG ko po 2.584. Tumawag po kami sa UP LB ang sabi po samin intayin pa daw po yung mail kung saan makikita po dun yung grades per sub test kasi kailangan daw po yun for reconsideration. Ano pa po bang ibang kailangan? And what do i have to expect in the interviews? Also, do you think I have a chance in passing the re-considerations? I really want to study in UP. Thank you!

    • Hi! Yes, you need the letter from UP; it will show not only your UPG but also your subtest scores. You also need to fill out a reconsideration form (i.e. waitlist form); you can get this form from the UPLB website (uplb.­edu.­ph). It is down at the time of writing, but it should be okay later. You need to access the UPLB website for specific reconsideration cut-offs (subtest scores, UPG) per course. Regarding the interview, you can expect the typical college entrance interview questions: why this course or these courses, why UP but probably also why UPLB (it’s likely they’d want to find out if you’re just using UPLB as a jump-off point for other campuses in the UP system). Finally, on your chances, a lot of factors will come into play so we can’t really say.

  12. hello good day poh i just wanna know if you had a final list for those who had pending case in upcat i heard kc my niece richellen ubales plaza is still in pending case but they submitted there requirements already. hope to hear from your site soon… thanks alot

  13. Hello po! May I ask po kasi my average is 2.368 and I’m sure I was not able to make it at my first choice UP Diliman. How can I be reconsider in another campus and what is the requirements. Because I really want in UP. My second choice is UP Manila with Political science course. Thanks. Nins:)

  14. tanong ko po..

    what if natanggap ako dun sa 2nd course choice kopo..and hindipo kasi siya science related course and mas choice gusto ko yung first choice ko..sayang din naman yubg dost.. is it possible nna pwede akong magpa recon para matanggap sa first choice??

    and saan po ako ma iinquire kasi sa upv ako natanggap..

    • Hi Andrew,

      Please keep in mind that my answer is premised on my reading of your question. Seems to me you’re asking if you can apply for STFAP bracketing if your reconsideration application is approved.

      Yes, you may still apply for the STFAP. As soon as your reconsideration is approved, I suggest you file your STFAP application online then submit the printed application form and supporting documents to UPLB’s Office of Student Affairs ASAP. According to the STFAP website, UP will process STFAP applications in 3 batches. The deadline for the 3rd and FINAL Batch of STFAP Applications for ALL YEAR LEVELS is on May 31, 2012.
      In any case, UP will tell you if you don’t make the STFAP application deadline, so just apply as soon as your reconsideration is finalized.

      Good luck on your reconsideration application. Hope you make it.

  15. tatanong ko lang po sana..
    kasi before po may nabasa ako dito ung about sa anak niya na di nakapasa sa UPCAT pero po passer ng DOST..
    tapos may sort of endorsement letter from DOST
    yata yun para makapagqualify po siya for UP..

    posible po ba yun? may binibigay po ba talagang “endorsement letter” ang DOST?

    Actually po my UPG is 2.615 gusto ko din pong magparecon sa LB.. pero po aantayin ko po yung sagot niyo.. kasi po.. parang ang halagang bagay niya po.. if ever meron..

    Salamat po.. :DD

    • 2.845 is not accepted. and the 2.800 reconsideration cutoff of UPLB will not bring any hope. i’ve known so many waitlist applicants who got in w/ UPG’s not going below 2.600. so a 2.700+ or 2.800-flat will never work. the mathematics and science percentiles are heavily favored (except non-science/eng’g courses) in UPLB. if you have at least an 85% on both, you have a chance among thousands who file their waitlist applications.

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