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Philippine Science High Schools’ Screening Process (PhiSci, Masci & Quesci)

The high schools in the Science Triumvirate (Philippine Science, Manila Science and Quezon City Science) are popular choices for students pursuing secondary education, and understandably so—they offer a good opportunity for the geeks of today to become the scientists of … Continue reading

UPCAT 2010 Forms (for AY 2011-2012 Admission)

To get the UPCAT application forms, you should go to the Office of the Registrar of the UP Campus nearest you. In UP Diliman, you can go to the UP Office of Admissions instead. Alternatively, you can get the UPCAT … Continue reading

UP Academic Calendar for AY 2010-2011

Aspiring UP students looking for UPCAT application deadline filing information and current UP students looking for UP’s academic calendar, here is a copy. Click on the following link to download the PDF file. You must have a PDF reader (e.g. … Continue reading

BS Accounting: Career Outlook and Global Demand

Money makes the world go ’round, as the adage goes, and it holds true even today. That’s part of the reason why an accounting degree is such a strategic one for college: you’re almost 100% sure that there’s a job … Continue reading

BS Computer Science: Career Outlook and Global Demand

Of all the courses in engineering and the sciences, computer science is one of those with the strongest misconceptions attached to it. One of those misconceptions is that computer scientists automatically know how to repair and maintain computer hardware as … Continue reading

BS Computer Engineering: Career Outlook and Global Demand

Engineering is already a very technical field in itself, and computer engineering is even more so. Like almost every other branch of engineering available in universities today, computer engineering prepares you for a very specific set of jobs within the … Continue reading

BS Physical Therapy: Career Outlook and Global Demand

The medical and health sciences field extends far beyond just doctors and nurses. Equally involved are physical therapists who, despite their lack of public exposure, go through training that is just as rigorous as other clinicians. And while a job … Continue reading

BS Business Administration: Career Outlook and Global Demand

As a degree and course of study, business administration is unusual because it does not prepare graduates for any single career or occupation. Rather, it teaches techniques and mindsets that graduates can then apply to any field that involves business, … Continue reading

UPCAT 2010: SY2011-2012 Schedule Updates

It’s probably around May that parents and schools alike begin preparations for the start of the upcoming school year in June.  The University of the Philippines, however, is also interested in preparing for the next school year, so much so … Continue reading

MaSci and QueSci Interview Tips

For some, maybe a lot of universities, the usual screening procedure involves meeting the qualifications, filling out an application form and passing the entrance exam.  Both Manila Science High School (MaSci) and Quezon City Science High School (QueSci), however, have … Continue reading