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Shopping for Philippine College Scholarships

One of the realities of life is that bright students don’t always have the money to pay for the education they need.  In older times, students would simply drop out of school and work to earn the money for tuition.  Nowadays, scholarships have helped ease the financial burden on financially indisposed but deserving pupils.

While most learning institutions offer scholarships to and other forms of financial assistance, it’s good to have a lot of options laid out on the table.  Here is a short list of the many different sources you can go to for financial aid.

Philanthropists for Education

Believe me, there are still good people out there who wish to see children go on to higher educational levels.  It’s with this in mind that they’ve set up college scholarship funds.  One such example is the JCAP College Scholarship Fund masterminded by Josefina Jayme Card.  Take a look at her official website for more juicy details.

Philanthropists like Mrs. Card aren’t the only ones offering aid; well-meaning companies also want a piece of the action, too.  Companies such as Fujitsu Philippines, Incorporated, also offer their own college scholarship grants.  Check out the details right here.

The Power of Synergy

There are times when you can do more good to others by combining efforts and resources.  For example, Metrobank and Pacific Paint (aka Boysen) have joined forces to provide their own college scholarship fund.  Get more details about their alliance here or call (63-2) 857-5525 or 898-8856 for more information.

Likewise, universities sometimes ally themselves with foundations to provide additional help for students over and above the run-of-the-mill scholarship.  For example, Ford Foundation and Ateneo de Manila University have joined forces to bring you Pathways to Higher Education.  Check this site out for a more in-depth view.

Governance and Brotherhood

Not to be outdone by private individuals and institutions, the Philippine government also offers its own form of financial aid.  The thing to note here is that there are scholarships for vocational college education as well as the more traditional higher learning.  Check out this huge list the government has to offer.

Interestingly enough, fraternities and sororities are also in on the financial aid bandwagon.  For instance, the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity has established an organization for helping underprivileged students.  For more on the history of the organization and the requirements for availing of financial aid, check out this webpage and this one as well.

Other Online Resources

The short list of scholarship resources above barely scratches the tip of the financial assistance iceberg.  If you’d like to browse around for more options, you may want to survey this University of the Philippines’ webpage, Filipinoscholar.com, Filipinolinks.com or even Schoogle.ph for additional avenues and ideas.

The Good Book says to “seek and ye shall find.”  If you take the time to look around for help in paying for your college education, chances are someone, somewhere will give it to you.  All you need to do next is to ask.


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, Academic-Clinic.com makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides.

Academic-Clinic.com has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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30 thoughts on “Shopping for Philippine College Scholarships

  1. Hi everyone… I am currently a 4th yr college student and taking up a 5 year course… As of now, i am in bad need of a scholarship or any assistance… i will grab even a study now pay later progam.. any help is duly acknowledge.. plzzz do… you can contact me in my num. 09123462771

  2. good evening,,,i want also to have an scholarship,,please help me to finished my studies .
    i am now an ist year college taking bachelor of elementary education.

  3. Hey, I am Edver Montero a Fourth Year High School Student and running for Valedictorian. Now, I want to study at a prestigious schools like Saint Louis University and University of the Philippines. But I think it is impossible because of financial problem so now i am looking for a scholarship. Who could help me?

  4. hello there i am melese from Ethiopia and i highlyb interesed to MSc i have studed animalscience i dont have money to continue my education please … i need support THANK YOU

  5. hi im princess im expected to graduate in this school year but my problem is i have enough money to sustain my own needs in my education … so pls help me… i know you can help me.. thank you 🙂

  6. hi po! ako po ay 33 years old nag aaral po ako 1st year college BSBA. ISA PO AKO SA BENIPISARYO ng balik aral program ng isang eskwelahan sa aming lugar kaya lang po nahirapan po ako sa miscellaneous at daily expenses.may apat po akong anak, ako po ay naglalabada naglilinis ng bahay ang kinikita po ng asawa ko ay 4000 a month nais ko pong makatapos at magkaroon ng matatag na trabaho para maitaguyod ang aking mga anak.tnx a lot and more power…

  7. Hi ! Im Michelle, college student taking up Bachelor of science in Nursing.

    Coming 3rd year this year but i dont have the opportunity to continue studying because of financial problem at the same time a family problem.

    My mother passed away when i was in high school, and my father didn’t support us. i have six siblings, i am the eldest
    only my aunt support us in studying but she give up because she also have family to support.

    I willing to continue my study, i want to help my brother and sister. i am pleasing you to help me. Please be granted.

    Thank you!

  8. hai po. I am a college student taking up BS in accountancy.
    coming 3rd year college this year.
    my Parents have both jobs but due to several debts
    my school fees are always in risk.
    I don’t have sisters and brothers and I am not even an honor student when I graduated highschool.
    but I am a consistent dean lister in my college years.

    I’m really in need of scholarship not because I want to finish college, but because I want to make the burdens of my parents be lessen.
    i love my parents so much and its hard for me to see them sacrificing much for me.

    If I’ll have a scholarship or any help to earn money or to lessen their burdens, I’l do my best to prove to you that I’m worthy of your help.

    thank you po.
    More blessings. 🙂

  9. hi! good day! i would like to inquire about your scholarship programs. I am a youth, eager to study for college, but then may parents are too old to work hard and support my studies. Iam currently working with a below minimun income. I stand as the bread winner in our family. I know it is a very big responsibily but i also have an intense desire to have an education. I am looking forward for your good response.

    • hi!Im joanne amonoy from aim global..our company is offering free scholarships all over the philippines.

      Plus free 200k worth of insurance. You can also avail P500 for every referral you make.

      Text me at 09223217112 f ur interested or f u know anyone who might need dis opportunity. Thank u. Good day.

  10. Hi I am Keith Ramos, and I just want to ask how get a scholarship for my nephew she graduated as a class valedictorian in her home town. And she can’t sustain her study because of financial problem. Please help me to get a scholarship for her thanks

    • hi!Im joanne amonoy from aim global..our company is offering free scholarships all over the philippines.

      Plus free 200k worth of insurance. You can also avail P500 for every referral you make.

      Text me at 09223217112 f ur interested or f u know anyone who might need dis opportunity. Thank u. Good day.

  11. i am jirah montero age 16 of luhib lake sebu south cotabato, i will be graduating this march 25 of my secondary level, i want to continue my studies in college taking information technology.
    please send me more information regarding your college scholarship.
    thank you and god bless you.

  12. Hello! My eldest son will take up Acoountancy in college this coming school year 2012-2013. He will be finishing his secondary education at Science High School this April. I’m a housewife and my husband is not earning sufficient to send our child to college. My husband’s gross annual income is below P200,000.00 We would like to seek assistance/scholarship program that would fit my son’s qualifications. Hope to hear from your good office and praying for your consideration. Thank you and good day!

  13. i’m one of the determined students who are trying to have a scholar in one of the school her in manila ( especially if your branch was here in pasig…) i really want to continue my study at the course of HRM i hope that YOU CAN HELP ME… thank you…

  14. Hello,

    Like any other dreamer. I am desiring to study again. I have finished H.S education since last 2006 & until now I haven’t walk in a college campus and study. So because I don’t want to self pity,I have decided to commit myself to work. And it has been granted to me yet studying has never been my main goal at that time. But now, things are drastically changing me., I’m hoping to study and embrace knowledge this time. I never been so excited in my life.Thanks for the sincerity of this article.Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi, GooD News to everyone. I just want to suggest another college scholarship. LA VERDAD CHRISTIAN COLLEGE in Caloocan City is offering a SCHOLARSHIP GRANT with FREE TUITION & MISCELLANEOUS FEE. FREE BOOKS & MANUALS. FREE UNIFORM & FREE LUNCH. This is for elementary, high school & college education. Just email lvccs_9805@yahoo.com or contact 0917-8572460 or 0922-8450115. Or just go to UNTV to inquire for the scholarship.
    I would like to share this because i want to help those who are really determined to be able to finish their college studies.
    Thank you and hope you would take this opportunity.
    Additional info: their elementary & high school & also college is in Pampanga. But they have a branch in Caloocan City (for college level only, I think). Just contact their email or number for more info.

  16. hi.. i’m cza lubrica.. i’m actually a 22 year old mother.. i want to study again because i want to give my son a better future.. i want to take up pshycology.. hope i can be one of your scholars..

    • Hi Cza,

      Please look around the site for a suitable scholarship and contact the people behind the scholarship in which you’re interested. Thanks for visiting!

    • hi!Im joanne amonoy from aim global..our company is offering free scholarships all over the philippines.

      Plus free 200k worth of insurance. You can also avail P500 for every referral you make.

      Text me at 09223217112 f ur interested or f u know anyone who might need dis opportunity. Thank u. Good day.

  17. To whom it may concern,

    As I read the information above, I discovered that there was many scholarship grants in the Philippines, I am a college student in New Era University with the course of B.S.NURSING and i have decided to stop taking nursing and i will replace it with MARKETING due to financial needs and demands. I want to be a scholar of one of the said scholarship-giving institutions. I am one of the top 10 of the graduating class of our alma mater.
    i hope for your kind consideration.

    • Hi John,

      We at Academic-Clinic.com wish you luck! Simply contact any one of the institutions that provide merit scholarships (as mentioned in this post) to see if you may be considered for their scholarship.

    • hi!Im joanne amonoy from aim global..our company is offering free scholarships all over the philippines.

      Plus free 200k worth of insurance. You can also avail P500 for every referral you make.

      Text me at 09223217112 f ur interested or f u know anyone who might need dis opportunity. Thank u. Good day.

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