Like you, I'm an incoming high school senior this June. A few months ago I was just like you, curious how to be accepted into the countries top universities but because of Academic Clinic ( and forums I now have an idea how. You could also go to the school's website and read about their admission guidelines. P.S.- It doesn't matter what school you came from- the universities check your grades not your background.

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Manila Science High School Entrance Exam Results and the Next Steps

There are times when you may feel like you’ve reached the endgame, only to be confronted with yet another challenge to overcome. This might be the case for Manila Science High School (MaSci) applicants who pass the entrance exam.

Thing is, it’s not quite the end of the road yet, nor is it the time to throw in the towel. As a MaSci hopeful, you’re almost at the end of the application process—almost, but not quite. Read on to find out why this is the case and what you need to do about it.

Upcoming Exam Results

MaSci officials have stated that the results of the most recent entrance exam should be out by Friday, March 19, 2010. There are currently no plans to post the results online, so students will need to drop by the school grounds to check if their names are on the list of passing applicants. The results will be posted on the bulletin boards near the school gate.

But wait…there’s more: Passing the MaSci entrance exam earns you the right to move on to the next two steps in the application process. Student hopefuls will first need to submit to a two-phase medical exam, and then go for a face-to-face interview after that.

The Next Two Steps

This one is really more of a check-up to see if the applicant can handle the demands of a science high school. This will be conducted in two places: the first phase will take place at the City Health Division Office; the second will take place at the MaSci clinic itself (The second phase will act more as a double checking measure.). Both exams will involve such routine analyses as chest x-rays, urinalyses, a general physical exam, etc.

The next—and last—step is the face-to-face interview. Think of it as a personality and attitude assessment and hot seat/stress test all mixed into one. In other words, if you can show the interviewer that you can speak fluently, express yourself clearly and maintain your composure under stressful circumstances, then chances are you’ll do just fine.

Please note that the schedule for the interview tends to vary depending on the availability of the interviewers, yet rest assured that the school will work out a schedule arrangement with you. School officials have noted that most interviews usually take place during the months of April or May.

Pass these last two steps and you can breathe a sigh of relief for the meantime—it’s on to official registration afterward.

Where to Direct Queries

MaSci’s official website isn’t really updated at the moment, so the best thing to do would be to contact the school officials directly. Dial 525-6197 and ask to speak with either Ms. Reyes or Ms. Santos. They’ll answer your questions and fill you in on any details you’re missing.

If you wish, you may also visit the MaSci Admissions Office. It’s located along Taft Avenue, corner Padre Faura Street, Ermita Manila.

Ms Reyes of Manila Science High School


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24 thoughts on “Manila Science High School Entrance Exam Results and the Next Steps

  1. meron po kau masuggest n lady dormitory para s anak k blak po nmin idorm sya kung pede po sana ung mga taga manila science po mkksama tnx po

    • What’s the name of the MaSci applicant? I’ll check his/her name off the partial list of passers that we have (courtesy of Dexter).

      Note: All we have is a picture of around two pages of results, kindly sent to us by Dexter. Unfortunately, the pages bear only results from A-I.

      • Regarding po s LRN naginquire n po ako para makahingi ng request for LRN s deped pero d po nla ako bngyan kc po s private skul galing ang anak ko paano po b un wala p dw po LRN ang private skuls .schedule po ng submission of requirements at interview s april 3 tnx po

        • Hi! The LRN is too new and is, in fact, just starting to become mainstream and just about to be implemented in private schools. I don’t think the lack of one would prohibit the enrollment of a qualified student in MaSci, pero para makasigurado po kayo at hindi na kayo mag-alala tungkol dito, mas maganda po talaga kung tawagan na ninyo ang Manila Science High School para magtanong tungkol sa LRN requirement nila. Good luck! 🙂

  2. pwede po ba malaman kung nkapsa po ang anak ko sa exam?joesph allen a. cuvas po ang full name nya.sana po matugunan nyo ang aking katanungan.maraming salamat po!

    • Hi! If anyone is planning to go to Manila Science High School, kindly do Ma’am Mary Jane a favor and check the entrance test results to see if Joseph Allen A. Cuevas’ name appears in the list of passers. Thanks!

      While we’re on the subject, if somebody could be kind enough to take pictures of the result and send it to us or post it here as a comment, we’d be ever so grateful.

    • Hi! The school administrators really have the prerogative when it comes to how many students they can (or are willing to) take in. For a specific explanation, I suggest you contact MaSci directly at (02) 525-6197. Thanks!

      • Hoping you could post the results in your website so that people will not need to physically go to the school to know the results.


        • Hi! We can post the results here if it is ever made available online by the school or if some kind soul takes pictures of posted results when they come out.

          • send me an email at [email hidden for privacy] and i will send to you the result for those with last name from A to I.
            I’m afraid posting it in the internet for the privacy of others who took the exam.

          • Thank you Dexter. We appreciate the time and effort this will take on your part; so thank you for being willing to help.

  3. This is to enquire of the date when you start accepting application for Entrance Test at Manla Science High School and at the same time, the test dates. Thank you.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to enquire of the date when you start accepting application for Entrance Test at Manla Science High School.

    I look forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    Winnie Zulueta

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