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With universities gearing up for entrance test days, it’s no surprise that students and even parents have taken to the World Wide Web in search of exam tips and strategies.  The good news is that those who have been there and done are willing to share their experiences with those who will go through the test for the first time.

In another article, I shared more general tips on how to prepare for De La Salle University’s entrance test.  This time, I’ll be diving a little deeper into the meat and bones of the DLSUCET itself.  If you’d like more specific tips on how to do well on the exam, then read on.

The DLSUCET Makeup

Content-wise, the DLSUCET isn’t very much different from other entrance exams out there.  As you prepare for the test, focus on reviewing mathematics, science, reading comprehension, language proficiency and abstract reasoning.

For the math portion, concentrate on statistics, geometry, trigonometry and algebra.  Science will require some knowledge of formulas, too, so take the time to memorize those.  Abstract reasoning will basically test your ability to see patterns in shapes and squiggles.

For the language and reading portions, you’ll be asked to identify synonyms, comprehend text, correct grammar and write essays in English and Filipino, so increase your word power and polish those reading, writing and editing skills ASAP.

The Strategic Approach

Your two biggest enemies will be time pressure and your mental state.  The good news is that both are very, very manageable.  One strategy to help you budget your time properly is to take a quick, “big picture” look at the material.  Take in all you have to do and then allot a reasonable amount of time for answering them.

For example, if you’re given one and a half hours to finish a section, you can take a couple of minutes to survey the questions at a glance and plan your approach, fifteen minutes to go through the easy questions, forty-five minutes for the harder questions that require computations or essay writing, and the remaining twenty-eight minutes for reviewing your answers.

Different people have different comfort levels, so adjust the lengths of time according to your preferences and capabilities.  Of course, it also helps if you can simulate this so you have an idea of what to do during the actual test, which brings me to my next point…

Confidence and Competence

To help you psych yourself up for the big day, start practicing early and often.  Avoid the temptation to rely on your textbooks or stock knowledge alone—they won’t be enough to pull you through the test.  Build up your reserves of confidence by answering practice tests (ideally with answer keys).  These are available via the Internet or your local bookstore or review center.

Train yourself to answer them as quickly yet as cleanly as you can.  Once you’ve mastered answering them within a certain amount of time, raise the bar by doing the same thing in less time.  The trick is to incrementally decrease the available time you give yourself for answering the practice test so you get better and faster at nailing it.

Remember:  if you take the necessary steps to prepare, pray, and do your best, you will reap the rewards of your hard work.


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