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College Entrance Exams: General Science Coverage

Like the math portions of college entrance exams, the science portions also have a kind of pattern to them.  The tests draw from certain major branches of science, each with their respective sub-branches.

If you’d like a listing of the kind of high school science subject matter you’ll see on nearly every college entrance test out there, then look no further.  Here it is:


  • Classification/Taxonomy
  • Plants and photosynthesis
  • Bacteria
  • Cell biology
  • Animal biology
  • Heredity and genetics
  • Human biology and anatomy


  • The Periodic Table
  • Mixtures and compounds
  • Chemical reactions and solutions
  • Diagrams
  • Minerals and nucleotides
  • States of matter
  • Measurement

Earth Science

  • Rocks and minerals
  • The Earth’s interior
  • Bodies of water
  • The ecosystem
  • Fossils
  • Plate tectonics
  • Weather, climate, atmosphere
  • Volcanoes and earthquakes


  • Laws of Motion
  • Force
  • Light, sound and waves
  • Matter and energy
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Measurement


  • Planets of the solar system
  • Other heavenly bodies: stars, asteroids, comets, black holes, etc.
  • Moon cycles
  • Lunar and solar eclipses
  • Galaxies and the universe


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