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Hotel and Restaurant Management: Course Description

My mother once said that you can never go wrong with food gifts.  Perhaps that’s why some people opt to own or run dining establishments of their own—it’s a way of giving out something they know is good.

As with any worthwhile endeavor, running a good hotel or restaurant doesn’t just happen overnight—it has to be planned for and set up.  If you think this is profession for you, then let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from the relevant training programs.

Cooking and Then Some

If ever you wanted to learn how to cook, then you’ll definitely learn how to do that here.  The courses offer everything related to food and beverage preparation—from purchasing the food, to following proper sanitation procedures, to doing the actual cooking.

That’s not all there is to it, though.  You’ll also receive training in sales and marketing.  After all, you’ll need to learn how to market your services to your customers at the same time, right?

The Bottom Line

It’s at this point that I must emphasize the true focus of the training:  while cooking is very much a part of the course, the real heart of the matter lies in management.  You’ll be immersed in every single aspect of restaurant and hotel operations because you’ll be expected to oversee your establishment’s operations on a day-to-day basis.

Hence, expect subjects on management, economics, supervision, labor and hospitality as well.  If it’s indeed true that you never really become successful on your own, then learning how to lead and manage people is an important skill that no one can do without.


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18 thoughts on “Hotel and Restaurant Management: Course Description

  1. I love cooking… although nanood lang ako ng mga videos ng pagluluto pero di ko naman nagagawa . At pinanonood ko ang mommy ko magluto… gusto kong matutunan pa yung mga ibat ibang uri ng pagluluto at mahlg din naman po kc ako magdesign kaya gusto ko din po ito..

  2. Ahmm ako isa lng goal ko makagraduate ng hrm kailangan kong mkatapos khit mahirap kakayanin ehh.medyo matanda nko eh.

  3. h! po,,
    i want to take hrm in collage im already earning m0ney f0r my tuiti0n dh!l gust0ng-gusto q tlaga to,.
    when i start in h/s i pr0mise my self na pagbubut!h!n q ang pag-aaral q,.then nagawa q,,
    so kakayanin q ung mga trials na pagdadaanan q,,so g0d help me plz,to rich my dream,,

    i h0pe that i can earn m0ney immediately,
    nakakaingg8 ung mga nag-aaral..xna s0meday mkpag-aral ndin aq,

  4. HRM tlaga ang guzto qu cours dhil my expirience nrin aq spag luto. kso di aq nkapag aral ngayon dhil inuna qu muna mka tolong za aking pamilya… piro khit anong mang yari aabotin qu ang pangarap qu maging HRM…. upang blang araw mtulongan qu ng sapat ang aking mga mgulang….. at mgng sucesful ang aking pangarap…

  5. i love cooking ..peru hndi aq makapag aral kasi wla akong pang bayad ng tuition ..gusto q sana mag working student..please help me..

  6. Hello po. 🙂 I am a highschool student po. Uhm, pwede po ba magtake ng course na to if hindi marunong magluto? Please reply po 🙂

  7. i love cooking . kya nga yan knha q course . mhlig tlga q mag luto . pangarap q maging isang chef . hehe . kya ngaun mag aaral q dku tssayngen . para s aqin to pti nrin sa mglang q .

  8. Hrm sana gusto ko kunin course kaso di ako tinanggap sa course na yun sa earist dahil sa age ko (21) nagtry din ako sa tourism kaso ganun din 🙁

  9. guzto qo subukan …pero magiistar palang… nandon na kac lahat ang guzto qo… at list may experyins na aqo sa paglu2to.. at pagdisayn… i can do everything basta maabut qo lang ang pangarap qo… kung kaya ng iba kaya qo rin… kahit mahirap,,, so guyz don’t give up…and do your best…

  10. First it’s hard for me to took up HRM because I didn’t know how to cook food but I have no choice because I want to work to other countries to help my family. Now that I’m taking up HRM I love it now and I promise to myself that no matter what happen is I will pursue it.

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