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BS Information Technology: Course Description

While some people gravitate toward careers that involve managing people, others tend more toward more computer-related careers.  There’s something about the technical field that resonates within them more than any other profession does.

What exactly can a promising young person expect from Information Technology (I.T). training?  Let’s find out.

Changing the Subject

If other courses deal more with the management of people, IT focuses more on managing systems—computer systems, that is.  Expect to spend a lot of time studying programming languages, database systems, operating systems and the like.

You can also look forward to some training in the use of the Internet and the mechanics of E-commerce, with other, more general humanities and mathematics subjects thrown in for good measure.

Technical Savvy

If there was ever a course for the geeks, then this is probably it.  The subjects were designed with the technical person in mind, thus, computer algorithms, architecture and structures all play a big part in the learning process.

As with any good course, expect thorough instruction in both the theoretical and hand-on aspects of things.  In other words, you won’t just be cracking books about computer networks; you’ll actually be designing them yourself.

The Final Analysis

You may think that the field is all about computers, but its ultimate end is still the good of the human race.  IT specialists manage systems to help meet the needs of business and industry people.  Everything from building a database to getting an application to run is part and parcel of meeting people at the point of their needs.


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  1. hi there im a international student from Papua New Guinea and im trying to study Information technology there in philipines, i heard from friends that its good there,so i was wondering if you could help me understand how to apply and the requirements for me to enter.
    I recently completed my CertIII in information technology and multimedia here at tafe papua new guinea and i scored a gpa of 2.17 which i know is below average but i really want to know if i can in some ways apply to a collage or university there…..
    thankz and ill be waiting your reply

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