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Welcome Aboard RJ!

We had to do a kidnapping, some cold-water-dousing and a lot of arm-twisting, but he has finally consented to become a guest writer for  Who am I talking about? It’s RJ Naguit, ladies and gentlemen.

RJ is a nursing student from UST.  He runs his own blog,  We have just closed a multimillion-dollar deal with him so starting today, you will see articles of his on  His articles will be largely about UST and the USTET.  His goal is to help everyone by sharing the valuable insights he has gained as a past USTET-hopeful and a current UST student.  Everyone, let’s say “Thank you, RJ!”  RJ’s first article, about how you can do well in your UST interview, has just been posted so do check it out.

****Note:  The kidnapping, the cold-water-dousing, the arm-twisting, and the multimillion-dollar deal are fiction.  The rest is not; RJ has really agreed to help us.  Welcome aboard, RJ!

*****Another note:  If you would like to follow RJ’s example and help our readers conquer their college and high school entrance exam fears, we’d love to hear from you.  Write to us at


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