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BS Nursing: Skills and Factors

They say that it’s easy to be a parent; it’s tough to be a good one.  In the field of nursing, however, becoming a nurse and being a good one both appear to be difficult.  It seems the profession caters to a very specific kind of person.

Let’s take a closer look at what that kind of person that might be.

Nurse Savvy

It’s more or less understood that prospective nurses must possess a decent amount of academic ability—the training involves some fairly technical stuff.  Management and organizational skills are also critical, as nurses are often called upon to coordinate between different health care experts on a patient’s behalf.

For example, nurses tend to deal with the patient’s family members and friends more than doctors do.  Nurses may also play advocate and suggest less expensive medication than the one prescribed by the patient’s doctor.

The “Nurse” Personality

When dealing with difficult patients, generous helpings of tolerance and patience are absolutely essential.  Nurses who really wish to excel in their craft also need empathy—being able to genuinely care for another human being presupposes that one understands what that person is going through.

Unfortunately, the patients aren’t the only people who sometimes test a nurse’s patience—doctors and other nurses sometimes do that as well.  This is where other people skills come into play:  namely, the ability to communicate with and to get along with others.

Granted, being a good nurse has its share of challenges.  Just like any worthwhile endeavor, however, it can also be immensely rewarding for the ones who do their job well.


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