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BS Civil Engineering: Skills and Factors

I once thought that engineers were intelligent people who could get lost in their own little worlds.  I’m happy to say that that isn’t entirely accurate.  Yes, they are intelligent, but there’s more to them than just IQ and assumed absent-mindedness.

After a little research here and there, I found out what real and potential civil engineers are actually like.  Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve found.

The Right Stuff

Civil engineers have an interest in (or at least an aptitude for) mathematics and science-related subjects.  They also possess a natural curiosity about them; they desire to know how things work, and how things can work better.  They often direct their energies toward the latter aspect.

The interesting thing about the wide world of civil engineering is that you can find yourself working in either the great outdoors or the great indoors (read: in front of an office computer), depending on your chosen field.  Love of either kind of environment, coupled with a good amount of flexibility and adaptability, can go a long way.

Getting Along, Helping Along

There are hardly any existing professions these days that are devoid of any social contact. Conflict can sometimes be difficult to avoid when different engineers work together.  Hence, generous amounts of patience, sensitivity, and all-around people skills can be a big help.

Perhaps the most important trait of civil engineers is their desire to want to help others live better lives, regardless of their field of specialization.  If using technical skills to help promote the common good sounds appealing to you, then perhaps the path of the civil engineer is the path you’re meant to tread.


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