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BS Computer Science: Skills and Factors

Stereotyping other people is an unconscious bad habit that we too often develop.  For example, if you’re like me, you probably think of computer science (CS) majors as geeks.

There are many sides to these students and professionals, however, and chances are you’re probably not aware of some of them.


The most obvious thing that sets CS folks apart from the rest is their programming skills.  Computer science people make it a point to not only understand the language behind the programming, but the logic behind it as well.

The not-so-obvious factors include excellent reading comprehension, formidable amounts of patience and a decent capacity for writing prose.  Surprised?  Here’s why.

The Non-Quantifiables

CS folks normally work with code that other people have provided.  It’s one thing to understand what you’re reading; it’s another thing to understand it well enough to actually use it effectively in your own programs.

Patience comes in handy during the concrete application of the code.  If there’s one four-letter word that you’ll constantly hear from computer science folks, it’s the word B-U-G-S.  It’s a CS person’s job to root them all out and ensure that the program runs smoothly.

Last, but not least, programmers need to document their work properly.  Enter prose writing skills.  It won’t do the students or professionals any good if other people can’t understand what they’ve achieved.

A Mile in their Shoes

I tried my hand at programming in high school and I have to agree.  The next time you’re tempted to stereotype a programmer, try doing what they’re doing.  I can guarantee that you won’t think the same way after that.


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