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BS Computer Science: Course Description

When I think of science, images of a neat, organized system of steps involving computers usually come to mind.  After all, a science is science, whether it’s working with animals or people or machines, right?

There’s only one real way to find out.  Let’s take a closer look at what the BS Computer Science course is really about.

Identical Twins?

At first glance, the curriculum doesn’t seem all that different from the kind of training that IT majors have—a focus on computer technology, software, hardware and networks.  You also have courses on programming and its languages, operating systems, and of course, computer science.

One mustn’t forget the core curriculum courses for variety’s sake, either.  Special courses on ethics exist to arm the technical genius with proper wisdom and guidance.  Technical knowledge is still power, and absolute power…well, you get the idea.

The Difference

Upon closer inspection, however, one can see little differences between Computer Science and Information Technology.  Whereas the latter appears to focus more on the management of systems, the former seems to deal more with algorithms and programming.

This is not to suggest, however, that the course is all theory and no application.  Training also includes actual hands-on lab experience.  Students will be asked to design and develop programs all their own.

Decisions, Decisions…

To go Computer Science or to go IT…that is the question.  Actually, it all depends on what sub-field you’d like to focus more on in the wonderful world of computers:  programming or systems management.

And then, there’s also the matter of BS Computer Engineering to consider, but that’s best left for another article.


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