sayang naman ! kla ko pa man din gets ko na .. kailangan ko pa pala mag-review mabuti ! by the way, thanks for this chance to have a quiz on Biology .. This one informed me to review more ..

Hopefully, I’ll pass the UPCAT . :)

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BS Accounting: Course Description

It’s said that if you opt to do what no one wants to do, then you’ve got yourself a job.  I clearly remember one of the people whom my former boss hired:  she was an auditor, and she was supposed to help us get our records in order.

I later found out that this auditor had gone through quite a bit of training.  If you’d like a glimpse of the kind of training she went through, then read on.

Show Me the Money!

At first glance, the BS Accounting course may look like a fairly straightforward one.  You’ve got oodles and oodles of subjects with the same name, only with varying levels (i.e. basic accounting, intermediate accounting, etc.).  It’s no real surprise, considering that the accountant’s job is to help provide guidance with regard to financial matters.

Besides the standard issue taxation and auditing sub-courses, some universities may provide “different” subjects that are nevertheless still connected to your major.  For example, you may end up delving into automated accounting information systems, database design and systems analysis.

Changing the Subject

Believe it or not, numbers aren’t the only things that accountants need concern themselves with.  Auditors who can’t express themselves properly via the written word will find themselves at a disadvantage, hence the need for some sub-courses on effective professional writing.

Lastly, a good accountant wouldn’t be complete with out some sub-courses in business law and ethics as well.  After all, it’s one thing to know how to handle numbers; it’s quite another thing to distinguish right from wrong when handling them.


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