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On DLSU Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, chances are you already know that the global economy is still recovering from the slump it’s in.  People are doing their best to cut costs and to stretch the purchasing power of their peso—even with respect to things as important as education.

Fortunately, one need not sacrifice quality on the altar of thrift.  Schools like De La Salle University (DLSU) offer financial assistance to students under certain conditions.  If you’d like to know what those conditions are, then read on.

College Cash Criteria

Since the university has a budget to work with, we can’t expect it to help every student who comes along.  Only students who fulfill the three main criteria may receive financial aid:  one, they must have performed well in high school and on the DLSUCET; two, the annual income of their families must be less than five hundred thousand pesos; three, they must pass an interview.

Note that I said “three main criteria.”  The fact of the matter is that there are other limitations mentioned only in the fine print.  For one thing, the number of vacant slots left in the degree program of the students’ choice also determines whether they’ll receive aid or not.  If too many students are vying for slots, then the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office (SFA) will have to get picky.

Also, aid is usually limited to only one grantee per family, so better get those lots ready for drawing.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

The request for financial aid is even simpler than that of applying for admission.  Just fill up the Recommendation for Financial Assistance Form and the Personal and Educational Background Form along with your normal DLSU application form.  These are downloadable via DLSU’s official website.

Send in the following to the university’s Admissions Office as well:  a photocopy of your parents’ Income Tax Return form (for last year) and a personal letter of request for financial assistance addressed to the SFA.  Be specific in the latter case—tell DLSU why you chose the school and why you need help.  Include anything pertinent that will make your reasoning sound more convincing, too.

Special Cases

Not all students have to go through the process I’ve outlined above.  Special cases that yield automatic scholarships for the people do exist.

For example, the university readily awards aid to salutatorians and valedictorians of any La Salle school.  DLSU staff members who are married, permanent employees and working full-time may also apply for financial aid on behalf of their kids.  Soldiers’ children and athletes may also partake of a tuition fee waiver.

Feel free to inquire at the SFA office if any special case applies to you.

Can the Complacency

So you’ve applied for financial assistance and your request has been granted.  Congratulations!  Don’t think that you can just kick back, rest on your laurels and renew your request next trimester, though.  The SFA will be keeping a close eye on your academic performance, which means you’ll need to hustle if you want continuous help.

The powers-that-be may also require you to spread the love by rendering assistance or service back to the school.  When you receive something good, give back to the community and receive some more good stuff.  It’s only fair, after all.


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    I would like to ask something important.. I am very willing to take scholarship exam in DLSU.. and my average in highschool is 88.56 and I am a art club member in highschool, in short, i love painting and sketching and the very reason why I am taking for the scholarship is that, i really want to pursue my studies yet my parents cant afford my financial studies and cant send me to school.. Do I have the chance to be scholar if ever i passed the DLSUCET and be 100% tuition-free?… when is the best day to take the exam?

    Thanks for those who will be replying..

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