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UST Scholarships and Financial Assistance

University of Santo Tomas, the sole pontifical university in the whole of Asia caters to students who came from different families with various income potential.  The ones who run the school understand that there are those who seek for very good education but do not have enough means to pay for college tuition.  To aid those who want to be a part of the UST family, the university has come up with various scholarship and financial assistance programs.  They are aimed not only to extend assistance and support to those who are in need but also to give recognition to those who excel.

UST Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs

There are four categories for scholarship programs that University of Santo Tomas offers: the Santo Tomas Scholarship, the Santo Domingo De Guzman Scholarship, the San Martin De Porres Scholarship, and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship.

The Santo Tomas Scholarship is awarded to students who have an excellent rating for their academic performance.  The valedictorians and salutatorians are required to submit a photocopy of their high school report card or Form 138, two pieces of 2×2 ID pictures, an original school certificate with a dry seal indicating that the student is indeed a valedictorian/salutatorian, a photocopy of enrollment confirmation, and a good moral character certificate.  Requirements should be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs or OSA and application forms should be duly filled up.  The coverage for valedictorians and salutatorians will be 100% and 50% defrayal of tuition, respectively.

The Santo Domingo De Guzman Scholarship is offered to those who do extremely well in sports and in the arts.  Both the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics Department and the Conservatory of Music screen the students’ applications.

The San Martin De Porres Scholarship is for the deserving students who need financial assistance.  The St. Rose of Lima Fund is for the regular freshmen students who have no failing grades and whose average grade does not fall below 85%.  The coverage is 50% defrayal in tuition.  Students should submit the complete requirements to the Office for Student Affairs, fill out the application form, and undergo a series of interviews.

The San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship is given to those who are seeking for financial assistance.  As a general requirement, students must not have any failing grades.    They should be able to render certain working hours but not exceeding 30 hours.  To qualify students must submit parents’ letter of consent, 2 recommendation letters form the parish priest and guidance counselor, parents’ latest ITR or non-filing of ITR certificate, parents’ proof of income, a photocopy of Form 138, and good moral certificate.  Requirements should be submitted to the Office of the Student Affairs.  Students must also fill out an application form, take an IQ test, go through a series of interviews, and do the designated work assignment.

UST extends scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students as a way of helping develop a more productive, progressive and humane society.  The university believes in giving opportunities especially to those who are worthy in order to keep the hopes of those who have big dreams alive.


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, Academic-Clinic.com makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides.

Academic-Clinic.com has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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79 thoughts on “UST Scholarships and Financial Assistance

  1. I’m a 2nd yr. college po .General Engineering. Gusto ko pong magtransfer sa UST – Chemical engineering… pwede po bang mag request ng prospectus through you admin para po i can decide at makita po kung may na credit man lang ako na subjects na pang 1st at 2nd yr. ng ust chemical engineering? pwede rin po bang mag apply ako ng scholarship? thanks po! :)

  2. hello po.. may i ask if you still have to take to USTET even if you are already a valedictorian/salutatorian and is qualified for the UST academic scholarship.. thank you po..

  3. Good day to you Ma’am/Sir

    I have a question if that’s ok , I am a incoming 4th year student and I’m already conducting early research on what course is good to take and I choose Architecture cause I’m good with drawings . I was wondering if the University of Santo Tomas is giving a scholarship to a average student like me . I have a 85.5 and I don’t know f I’m qualified .

  4. tanong ko lang po kung required po ba talaga na mag enroll muna bago makapag apply ng scholarship ? kasi po diba pag mag eenroll magbabayad na,pano po yun, diba kaya nga mag aapply ng scholarship kasi kailangan nga ng financial assistance, obvious naman pong walang pambayad ng tuition fee… pano po yun?

    • Hi! Mas maganda po kung direkta nyo nang tanungin ang UST admissions office ukol dito.

      Telephone: +632 406.1611 local 8276; + 632 310.7211
      Mobile: +63 917.815.6323
      Tele-facsimile: +632 310.7214

      Office for Admissions
      Rm 104, UST-Tan Yan Kee Student Center
      University of Santo Tomas
      España, Manila

      • salamat po sa reply… may nakita pa po akong website, sabi isubmt daw yung reqirements nung inaapplyan na scholarship sabay nung pagpapasa ng credentials..

        • Could it be that the “credentials” mentioned actually meant application credentials/requirements?

          If scholarship applications are indeed entertained during enrollment, then you can be sure UST has mechanisms in place to ensure that students qualified for a scholarship won’t have to pay more than they need to pay. So, really, the best thing you can do is ask UST about it. Good luck! :)

  5. ask ko lang ko if i did not qualify i failed to pass the entrancr exam pede pa po ba ako makapag-enroll sa UST. i need your reply salamat po!

  6. Ask ko lng po kung ano ung scholarship grants that I will receive for being a santo tomas (salutatorian) scholar. Thank You po.

    • Hi Lj,

      Please contact the UST Office for Student Affairs for more info on scholarship application.

      Address: Rm 102 Tan Yan Kee Student Center. University of Santo Tomas España, Manila C-1008
      Phone: (632) 4061611 Loc. 8267 or 8294; (632) 731-2985; (632) 731-2985

  7. I am an incoming sophomore majoring in Biochemistry. My roommate (who is also my block-mate and graduated from Philippine Science HS) applied for a scholarship (I don’t remember which one.) but was refused because of their income.
    Our families’ finances are similar but I still want to try for a merit-based scholarship.
    I heard that if you are the top DL in your course, you can apply for a scholarship. Is that true? If not, could you give me advice on which scholarship to try for?
    (Additional information: I am a DOST Merit Scholar and I have no talent at sports or the arts.)

  8. Good evening po Sir/Ma’am:

    Incoming po akong freshman sa UST. Gusto ko po sanang mag-inquire kung allowed sa St. Rose of Lima at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarships kung exceeding sa P300,000 yung annual gross income ng family namin. Interested po talaga akong magtake ng scholarship sa college para makatulong sa budget ng aming family. Thank you po for your response and may God Bless you. :)

  9. Ask ko lang po, yung kapatid ko po kasi is a high school graduationg student, I want her to continue her studies in college, but, wala po kasi kaming pera, gusto po niyang mag-aral sa ust. tpos ung mga grades niya ay hindi gaanong kalakihan, wala po ba kayung student assistance jan ?? thanks po.

  10. hi! ask ko lang po kung after ko magbayad ng reservation fee ay pwede na po akong mag-apply ng san lorenzo ruiz scholarship or kailangan enrolled na po talaga ako? thanks a lot po sa sasagot. God bless!

  11. Hindi po ba ako qualified sa San Martin De Porres Scholarship if mag-exceed ng P300,000.00 yung gross annual income ng family namin? Non-catholic din po kasi ako kaya hindi po ako makakapagsubmit ng ‘recommendation letter from the Parish Priest’. Pero kailangan na kailangan ko po yung scholarship. Ano po ba pwede kong gawin? Thank you,po.

    • Hi Ash Sani,

      According to UST, applicants of this scholarship should have an annual household income not exceeding PhP75,000 per anum so that’s out if your household income is PhP300,000 and above. Hanap ka na lang ng ibang scholarship na pwede – pwedeng UST-provided or a scholarship from another entity. It should probably be a merit/talent-based scholarship if you don’t want income to be a recurring issue.

      • Good evening po Sir/Ma’am:

        Incoming po akong freshman sa UST. Gusto ko po sanang mag-inquire kung allowed sa St. Rose of Lima at St. Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarships kung exceeding sa P300,000 yung annual gross income ng family namin. Interested po talaga akong magtake ng scholarship sa college para makatulong sa budget ng aming family. Thank you po for your response and may God Bless you. :)

  12. Hello po. Dream school ko po ang USTe. 2nd yr HS pa lang po ako. :) sguro msyado pa po akong bata pero tanong lang po. Kung gusto ko pong kunin ung Santo Domingo De Guzman scholarship, ano po requirements para makuha ko yon? Mag e’entrance test pa rn po ba ako? Pwede po bang pakisabi lahat ng requirements. THANK YOU!

  13. Hi. Just like to ask what if the student had pending application for San Lorenzo Scholarship, but after the first sem. she had a failing grade, can she still avail the scholarship for next year? Thanks

  14. pwde po matanong kung ano ung mga needed requirements for San Martin De Porres Scholarship? paano po ito ma-aavail? thnks po.

    • Hi Leah Abegail,

      Please contact the Office for Student Affairs for particulars – e.g. steps, requirements and schedule – on specific UST scholarships. Thanks, and good luck!

  15. Good Evening po. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba ma-avail ang Academic Scholarship kahit hindi Salu or Vale basta po mamaintain ung certain grade requirement? thanks po :)

  16. Good Evening po. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba ma-avail ang Academic Scholarship kahit hindi Salu or Vale basta po mamaintain ung certain grade requirement? :)

  17. I graduated as a Valedictorian but they won’t grant my 100% scholarship because they just reconsidered me. It hurts so much. I don’t even know this policy. Now, all my hard works are wasted..

  18. Is the San Martin De Porres Scholarship applicable to an incoming freshman even he/she doesn’t graduate as a valedictorian/salu.

    • I’ve looked through the (limited) info I found on San Martin de Porres Scholarship. From what I’ve been able to gather, this scholarship has no valedictorian/salutatorian requirements, although there probably is a minimum average grade requirement; I believe – I could be mistaken - the minimum ave. grade requirement for incoming freshmen who wish to avail of this scholarship is 85%. Family’s annual income must also not exceed PhP 75,000 per annum. Moreover, it seems that Martin de Porres scholarship grants are awarded subject to availability of funds.

        • I don’t have specific dates, but for incoming freshmen, applications are probably underway so you should make your inquiries as soon as possible. Good luck!

        • The following are *probably* the documentary requirements:
          (note: I relied heavily on a post by the UST Junior Pharmacist Association.]

          • 2″x2″ picture/s
          • a photocopy of your parents’ ITR or certification of non-filing (from BIR) – whichever applies in your case; this will serve as proof of financial need (family’s gross annual income must not be greater than PhP 75,000 per annum)
          • certificate of good moral character
          • probably a photocopy of your high school transcript to prove your grades meet the 85% minimum
          • Recommendation from the Parish priest
          • Barangay Clearance (sketch of residence at the back)
  19. Praise be Jesus and Mary!

    hello po! I am a graduating student this coming march 24, 2011, Fortunately I am a SALUTATORIAN. I want to spend my college education in UST, yet, I didn’t take an entrance examination? is there any chance for those who are late examinees? anu po ang grade para ma maintain ung scholarship? at hanggang sa pag graduate po ung scholarship? thanks po!..

    More power and God bless!

    • Hi Gabriel! If you did not take the USTET but still want to study in UST, you should talk to UST admissions office as soon as possible so you can explore your options. Congratulations for graduating with honors! :)

    • Hi gabriel! with regards to the scholarship, the maintaining grade for scholars would be 1.75 or higher. it lasts until you graduate as long as you maintain the said General weighted average (GWA). Goodluck in your studies! Godbless you more. Enjoy your college life! :))

  20. Praise be Jesus and Mary!

    I am graduating this coming march 24, 2011, fortunately, I am a class salutatorian. Though, I’m not really good in academics but I have the potential to become; a leader/to lead when it comes leadership and joining co-curricular activities..(which I have had done in my past years)…
    I want to spend my college education in UST yet, I didn’t take an examination for entrance test? is there any chances to take an exam? what is the average grade should I have to maintain?..

    Thanks! more power and God bless

  21. Hello!
    Is there a specific income bracket for those who want to avail scholarships for financial assistance? I really want to study MedTech in UST because it’s the best school offering MedTech. I would want to try out for the Santo Tomas Scholarship but I’m not sure if I would be able to graduate as Salutatorian. My average grade is somewhere between 95-96 and it would really help me if I get a scholarship grant or a partial tuition defrayal so that I can assure that I would be able to finish my years of pre-med and proper med studies in terms of sustainability :)

    Thank you! Hoping for an immediate reply

    • Hi Cassandra,

      Better call UST directly to learn about the specifics of scholarships. As a rule of thumb, income is usually a major criterion when it comes to financial-need-based grants, but when it comes to Merit or Leadership scholarships, it’s normally not one of the main considerations. Moreover, if you don’ get a scholarship from UST, you should look for other scholarships. Check out our Scholarships page; perhaps you’ll find other viable options there.

      Thanks for dropping by, and good luck on your academic aspirations! ^^

      • How about when I try applying for San Lorenzo Ruiz Scholarship? Is income really that necessary even though I’m willing to render hours as a working student?
        Is there any benefits for first honorable mention students?




  23. I have seen the results of USTET. And I have passed. I would like to know how to apply for the UST financial scholarship grant.

  24. I have seen my USTET results. and I have passed in the course of my choice. I would like to know if I can apply for financial aid.

  25. Gud eve, pwede po bang magapply dun sa sto.domingo de guzman scholarship
    kahit na i’m not enrolled in an art related course? Engineering student po kase ako and mejo magaling din po pagdating sa arts :)

  26. i came from a computer school, my course is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. But. I really wanted to transfer in your school. But i only finished first semester. Is it okay to transfer if I finished only first semester??

  27. Good Day!!! i would just like to something thats very important for me..
    What if I have the talent in painting and sketching, in short, i am an art club member for the past year in our school, i have no failing grades and my average was 88.56 and the very reason why I ask this is that,, I am very willing and I really want to pursue my studies yet my parents cant afford or cant send me to school… If God permits, what type of scholarship is best for me? will it be 100% tuition-free or only 50%? I am a graduate student in highschool for the previous year and I am 16 yrs. old now..
    thanks a lot

    • Hi,

      If you want to pursue an arts course, you can look for scholarships that aim to help art students. There are also scholarships that offer aid based on financial need, merit (regardless of financial need), and merit plus financial need. Check out our scholarships category to see if there is an appropriate scholarship for you.

      Hope this helps. God bless!

  28. Good day!… when will be the exact day for taking the scholarship exam? I am very excited and willing to study in UST but my parents cant afford or send me to school… that is why i am interested in taking exam

  29. what are the requirements for the santo domingo de guzman scholarship??
    and what can we get from this scholarship?? 100% defrayal of tuition or 5o%.. plz reply i need it before august

    • Please call UST directly for specific scholarship inquiries. You can find the UST contact information in our directory; if need be, the person at the other end could direct you to the right department.

  30. hi po! i would like to ask what are the requirements for the St.Rose of Lima fund and where can I get the application form.

  31. hello po! are there any requirements for santo tomas scholarship? for example , one should be from the class which is composed of 50 and up students or the student must came from a public school. are those stuffs matter?

    • Hi Mim,

      Apparently, the Academic Scholarship (or Santo Tomas Scholarship) should be availed by incoming freshmen students. Once obtained, this scholarship is simply renewed yearly, as long as the student remains in good academic standing (as per the grade requirement of the scholarship) and does not violate the terms of the financial assistance.

      However, you should still ask the Office for Student Affairs if you can qualify for the Santo Tomas Scholarship (and any other UST scholarship) even if you’re already a student of the university and not an incoming freshman. You should also inquire with your college. Perhaps, your college is offering a college-based scholarship for dean’s listers.

  32. Ive seen the results of the USTET2010 but unfortunately I did not qualify to the the passing grade of my feeling course.Even I did not pass the entrance exam,still can I apply to the any scholarship your school is given to the students like me?

    • @Celeste,

      From what I know, UST’s financial assistance is available only to UST students. Inquire with your university about scholarships available to their students. You can also try getting someone to become your sponsor. Approach a local philanthropist or a politician.

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